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NO Xplode 2.0 and Stomach Issues


I've never had problems with any of BSN's PWO supplements, including NO xplode 1.0, until now. I first though I had really bad food poisoning, I was on the toilet basically for an entire weekend. I even thought it was Greek Vanilla yogurt that was doing a number on my stomach, until my genius ass realized it had to be the NO xplode 2.0 I had just started taking about 2 weeks ago.

I figured it couldn't have been NO xplode 2.0, because 1.0 didn't do anything to me. Basically, right after a workout (which includes 2 scoops 30 mins before lifting) all hell breaks loose in my stomach. I'll go to the bathroom probably 3-4 times when I get home, and it's that deep stomach pain that you feel with extremely bad diarrhea.

Just writing this to warn people, and I'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced bad shit like this, pun intended.


Tried it, but ended up NO Xploding in my pants. Literally.

This stuff is the devil.


Thats usually the case my man


I've had a few sample packets. No issues here. Honestly, it just seems like the original NO Xplode, but with a bit for caffeine. I've had killer work outs the three times I've taken it.


I tried a free sample packet of that crap today. I swear I felt like complete shit from it.


Talked to a guy at the gym that said the caffeine was making him anxious and tense even out of the gym.
Also, said he had stomach issues with it but I didn't ask for fear he would tell me.

I have had some odd reactions to supplements in my time but have never tried a BSN products.


BSN is absolute shit. Never again will I take a product from them.

(Not to sure if we are aloud to be little another company on TN)


HAHAHA i agree horrible stuff.. Muscle Pharm Assault is my favorite Pre-workout and it isn't to bad on my stomach.


I have heard nothing but good things about "Jack3d" for a per-workout stimulant.
Take that with a grain of salt, I have never tried it so this could just be good marketing.

Personally I stopped with all the stimulants after 3:00pm so I can get some good sleep.
I eat a good meal about 2-3 hours before or I will drink Surge "recovery" before and after.
Sometimes both. Something about being full/satisfied makes me want to kick ass in the gym.

Has anyone had good results with Power Drive since we are on BSN alternatives?


Yeah, I'm waiting for Jack3d to go back on sale at GNC before probably buying 2 tubs of it. I've never tried any of this websites supplements, they are far too expensive for my budget.