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no whey!

Was it Dan Duchaine who popularized the idea that whey protein is high gylcemic and will consequently make gain fat easier & have a harder time keeping it off? I think he’s right. This past month I totally cut whey out of my diet (except for whats in Surge) and made up for it with whole foods. I was generally only taking 1-2 shakes a day, so this isn’t a huge amount. What i’ve noticed is that, besides having a more even-tempered digestive system, is that I’ve leaned out a considerable amount compared to other times that I’ve dieted. Anyone else not taking/stopped taking whey, and have you noticed similar results? malachi

It is not likely simply switching off of just 2 whey shakes made you “considerably leaner.” While it may be fast digesting the insulin responce is not dramatic enough to cause fat gain.

this sounds interesting but never heard about it before? Anyone with info it would be great. I am doing 4 shakes a day on a cutting cycle and will drop them if it help!

A mix of casein and whey is better for many reasons. That’s why Biotest uses both in Grow!. Post-workout you only want whey of course. The “Battle of the Proteins” article at T-mag has more info.

Is the whey you are using low in carbs? Some wheys have only 1-2 grams carb per serving

i’ve gone from having all my shakes (discount workout shake) consisting of whey isolate and only my bedtime shake being casein TO grow/casein blend throghot the day for 6 weeks and i have not noticed any difference at all. laters pk

Sounds like some people, in addition to being carb-intolerant, are also whey-intolerant.

What a concept…

I don’t think that this is such an inconsiderable concept, opposed to how some are making it out to be. I don’t digest whey well (or diary for that matter), so why wouldn’t this, coupled with the insulin response of whey, influence fat gain and/or loss? I can’t afford Grrow (the extra r is for the riot grrls), or else I probally would use it. In the meantime, thats my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

It’s probably not the insulin response caused by whey but perhaps you have an intolerance to whey and other dairy and by avoiding it this is what caused you to lean out. Take 10 bodybuilders who regularly consume dairy and get them off all dairy products. Without cutting any calories from what i’ve seen is that 8 out of 10 will get leaner within 1 week.

So being borderline lactose intolerant has an effect on body comp regardless of caloric intake? Interesting, thanks bro.

specster: Some whey proteins have under 0,3 % carbs, so 1 g per serving isn?t that low.

As a sidenote: Some kassein has under 0,07 % carbs, great if you are lactose intolerant.

whey was a cornerstone of my diet last year when i got to my lowest bodyfat.