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No Weights Workout


From April i will be cycling across America for 2-3 months. In my opinion i am just about where i want to be in terms of upper body muscle. However is there anyway i can maintain this while cycling seeing as i don't have weights. Any workout program suggestions and supplement advice?


I am a cyclist too.

The answer is: no.


Ooooh. Ummm, not really?

I would hit some push ups and chins at night. Not too many, but with enough intensity to convince your upper body that it's necessary to keep some size.

Of course, your nutrition should be a thing of beauty with the kind of work you're looking at doing. Eat less than 5 times a day and you can kiss most of your muscle goodbye.

There's a reason lance armstrong has the physique he has.


So will i lose all my upper body muscle? What about doing body weight moves which involve no weights but doing exercises like push ups etc a few times a week.


Lift the bike or your gear.


Put a resistance band in your luggage. It's light and you can use it in nearly every exercise to replace the weights.