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No Weights, Just HIT

Recently, I was told I have might have torn a ligiment or cartiliage in my knee; what I have done has yet to be discovered. But as my injury happend 18 months ago, I have also developed a back problem, so basically weights for me are out of the question; only thing I can just manage is kettelbell swings. So what I have decieded, is to do a form of hiit every day for the next month, until my back heals enough to allow me to go back a train, squats deads push press ect.

What I was wondering has anyone done this for a month?, what results did you have? also any good hitt workout?

I did read an article that hitt training can improve insulin senseitivity in 2 weeks and imporve fat buring in the muscle cells. So what I am hoping for when I get back to weight training I should be able to put size back on pretty quick!