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No Weights, Big Wheels - Total Reps Per Week?

Hi Paul,

first, thank you for publishing the routine here. I’m rehabbing a knee injury from playing rugby, so your no-weights routine comes at the perfect time. If you use it as a stand-alone, would you do your number of lunges, e.g. 500, twice per week? Or is it meant as 500 per week and you split them up?

You can do it twice a week if you’re not having any pain or discomfort with it.

Cheers, Paul. Thanks for taking the time.

Didnt want to start a new thread for a quick question so will ask here.

I’ve just started running the no weight big wheels, working around some knee discomfort. The lunges cause me minimal to no knee pain depending on the day (every where else is screaming in a good way) the problem I’m having is with the floor extentions and sissy squats causing knee pain.

I know these are here to hit the quads in a lenghtend position so want to find a similar exercise that I can do. Any suggestions? Not that I want to do much after those lunges! I just feel it may help strenghten my knee joint/vmo.


The lunges are still lengthening the quads to a degree. If they hurt, don’t do em and then continue strengthening the quads through means that are pain free. Come back to those movements later to see if they are still bothering you.

Thanks, I’ve temporarily given up football due to this knee issue and I really dont want to drop leg work.

Step ups with bands has been a good pain free exercise, it seems the pain is when the angle gets too acute and the knee passes the toes. Pretty much any squatting feels terrible even with body weight.

Loving the lunges though, currently at 100 per leg.

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