No Weights, Big Wheels - Experiences?


Anyone tried this no weights legs routine by Paul Carter?
I can’t go to gym due to Covid, although I can train in a park, but have recently injured my lower back so I have to be careful…my upper body will be fine, but legs just imploded during this lay off
I have to do something

Here is the Tnation article:

Only one way to find out, do it!

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I tried it for about 4 weeks, I didn’t really progress reps wise at all on some of the movements and I think that’s because the reps rangers were higher than my concentration (if that makes sense).

If you can focus during long rep sets I’d try it but I just found I got bored due to the quantity.

Edit: like you though I’ve got a bad back and I workout from home. For my main movements I like weighted lunges, reverse lunges, front squats (not going too low though) and RDL (with a DB) and glute bridges etc.

What I find overall (from having a bad back) is that some TUT squat or lunge sets give that burn with minimal weight.

Good luck.

Personally I would rather focus on hill sprints and jumps for no-weight lower body work.



Then, Nordic Hamstring Curls and Sissy squats are great.

Then you can go bananas and do WODs like Murph, 300 airsquats or 400m walking lunges here and there. Trust me it will burn.

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Walking lunges are a great exercise and sissy squats are a great way to wrap up leg day can’t speak for.the leg curls but it stands to reason it’ll light your hamstrings on fire. Give it a shot and see how you handle it.

I actually had pretty decent legs long before serious weight training from sprinting hills and running stairs when I was in high school (Track coach had us do this for shot put training). So if weights are off the table, I’d certainly take a crack at something similar as opposed to 1000 rep sets of bodyweight squats.



Hey thank you.
I know 4 weeks are not a long period and I don’t know your starting point, but have you noticed any muscle gain after 4 weeks?

My goal is pure hypertrophy, I have no interest at all in pure strenght or athletic performance improvements.

Thank you all for your inputs.

I would exclude sprinting because my lower back is still not 100% recovered.
And also, I used to do hill sprints few years ago in fat cutting phases (but also as a conditioning in caloric surplus phases) and never actually noticed any gains to my legs and it would pretty much drain my CNS. But as a conditioning it felt awesome, I was in great shape.

Ironicaly, despite many methods I have tried in last 8 years, I believe that best gains have come simply with heavy squatting which I believe I am not going to be able to do any more :frowning:

Not specifically but that’s probably because I couldn’t really get into the programme. I’ve always struggled with leg workouts since my hip and back injuries but luckily have good legs from years of playing rugby.

What I would say in general is look at all kinds of intensity techniques etc as no or low weight training can be hard to make the legs grow.

Finished week 1 advanced. 4 day doms. Trying it since knee started burning in leg press heavy plus tweaked groin on hill sprints. You think my legs will blow up if i do the whole 8 weeks? I just wrapped up the 4 month arnold split and my upper body blew up gained 25 lbs muscle but didnt notice any muscle definition in my legs maybe some size.