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No weight loss with Methoxy-7 and T2-pro

Hey all,
Me and my wife have gone back to the gym about 5 weeks ago and are doing a low carb diet (max 30grams a day). We are going to the gym 5 times a week doing our workouts of 20 Minutes Cardio (for me means about burning 300-330 calories for her about 150-200 calories) and 40 minutes of free weights. Our total calorie intake varies between 1000-1500 Calories a day. With this we are also using T2-pro and Methoxy 7 (exact recommended intake from label). The results for me haven’t been that great I lost about 15 pounds and for my wife they have been awful she has lost only about 4 pounds. The thing is when we did this diet about 2 years ago and used MD6 instead of T2-pro and M7 the results were great but I have not been seeing the same results with the new product.

My questions is does Methoxy-7 defy the purpose of losing weight by helping you build muscle. Most posts I’ve read on the forum regarding M7 seem to mention people gaining pounds of LBM and not loosing weight. Can someone make any recommmendation. I’ve paid alot for the M7 and Im starting to doubt if its usefull for our purposes.

Thanks. Btw I do keep a food log.

Methoxy does indeed promote LBM gains as well as fat loss. This doesn’t always translate to “weight loss,” but you shouldn’t be concerned with sheer weight unless you’re competing in a weight class event. Fat loss should be more of a concern. You could theoretically not lose a pound of weight but look much better after having lost fat and gained muscle at the same time. You didn’t mention body fat percentage in your weight loss during this period. Did you guys measure that or just weight? Do you look better in the mirror? Do your clothes fit you better? If you truly did lose 15 lbs of fat in 5 weeks, that’s very good progress.

The problem is that your goal is to lose “weight” rather than “fat.” Anything that helps you build muscle (ie M7) will not really help you achieve that goal–muscle after all, does weigh something.

However, Methoxy also helps you maintain LBM while dieting; therefor we can assume that if you've lost 15 pounds, most of those pounds have been fat, with less muscle lost than would normally occur. This is a good thing!

You need to let go of your "target weight" goal, and focus on body composition. Start testing your body fat, and that of your wife. You are probably seeing great results and just don't realize it.

Also, to speed things up, I recommend throwing a decent fatburner into the mix. Until MDX comes out, you can substitute with anoter product, or you can likely find MD6 online somewhere.

Hope this helps.

What’s your routine consisting of (exercises/sets-reps)? Also, height/weight BF% (both you and your wife). Did you get your BF% measured before you both embarked on this plan? What does the mirror tell you? I know you see " < > pounds lost" - body composition changes are deceiving when going by only the scale.

If maintaining muscle while losing FAT is a issue, may I suggest you ditch a day or two of 20-minutes cardio and look into HIIT instead? Like jump rope. Or even on a rower at the gym. Which is what I've done also. Sprints, too. Are you also taking anytype of Omega-3 supplementation? That may help, too. You see, sometimes it's more than supplements. However, I am seeing results with the double dosing of Methoxy. W/out MD6, too. And I haven't cut calories and neither am I on a low-carb diet. Just a thought.

As for measuring BF% unfortunatly we did not measure before par taking on this diet. I was 6’1 250 pounds Im now 235pounds My wife was 5’3 144 pounds she is not 5’3 140 pounds (show consideration to her she had our second son a few months ago and just stopped breasfeeding 4 weeks ago). For me when I look into the mirror I do see a difference my upper body is showing strengh again and my tummy is slowly going away. For her its not so obvious the physical results just arent there. I know she was starting from a very weak body frame. She had not done any type of exercises for almost 3 years.

Our workouts are pretty basics we do 3 cycles or 12 reps each. We try to fit in 5 exercises per day at the gym.

Also if anyone can help with one thing my wife is trying desperatly to fix on her body, does anyone know how to help trim down her tighs (in french we call it une culotte de cheval I guess that translate to Horse saddle)* not sure if tighs is the right word side of butt running down her leg from below the waste would better explain it.

Anyways thanks for the great help!

First, a reality check - 15 pounds weight loss in 5 weeks is excellent progres provided the majority is fat.
Now for a suggestion: if both of you are keeping total calories between 1000 - 1500/day (which is probably a little too low for you based on your size, and just barely adequate for your wife at the upper end of this range), then you need to focus on optimizing your metabolisms by eating/nibbling/grazing/or whatever you want to call it at least every two to three hours, six times a day. I also hope that you are getting the bulk of your calories from protein and fat (at a minimum, 50-60% protein, and 20-30% fat) if you intend to sustain your diets for any substantial length of time.

It sounds by your post that you and your wife returned to the gym after a break. If thats the case then yes it’s probable that you put on some muscle that negated the lost fat when viewing the scale. It would help if you listed bf% before an current while stacking the methoxy and t2-pro. Keeping track of your BF could give you a whole new outlook on the results you’ve obtained.
As for comparing t2-pro and MD6, well MD6 I also thought was the holy grail of fat burners, so it’s no suprise that yo’re not as satisfied.

I just want to say that I admire anyone who has the balls to stick to 30 grams of carbs a day. If I eat less than 100 grams, I have so little energy that I can barely get through my day, let alone work out. Hang in there. I’m sure it took you a long time to gain the extra weight; It’s going to take somewhat longer to lose it. If you’ve already lost 15lbs of body fat, that’s very impressive. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

You lost me at 300 calories burned in 20 minutes. How, exactly, the hell are you doing that in the first place? 900Cal/hr cardio? Crickey!