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No-Weight Holiday Exercises?

Soon I’m going on a skiing holiday for about 2 weeks.
There is unfortunately no fitness where I’m going, so I’m searching for a good exercise-program to follow, inside a house without any weights or similar?? - Know that the skiing will keep me in shape, but still… Thanks everyone, and happy Christmas…


[quote]CBear84 wrote:
masturbation. [/quote]

Gets the heart rate up, the technique is pretty easy to learn (not that good technique isn’t important), I believe it increases muscle building testosterone too (although I can’t find any studies on that).

I started there and there are a lot of good progressions. In short: lunges, pushups, elevated pushups, jumping squats, dips, supermans, stepups.

Burpees! Body weight bulgarian split squats, body weight squats, planks. Just add that to arachne’s list and you’ll be badass.

Follow with masturbation, as CBear has suggested, to fall into a satisfied sleep :wink:

If you could bring along some bands, there are a lot of BW/Band exercises you could do also.

If you are skiing, will you really need anything else? You can do push-ups, squats, burpees, plank variations and ab work in your hotel room, but on the other hand, you could treat the holiday as active rest. Up to you.

thanks guys - a lot of good advices …
The holiday is a good excuse for resting, but a couple of burpees wouldn’t kill me :slight_smile: