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No Weight Gain


i am after a two month cutting ,
just started bulking (two week in) and i gain no weight at all i eat 2600 cal my weight: 130 lbs
banana 200 gram
lentils 300 gram
sweet potate : 300 gram
oats : 100 gram
chicken breast : 200 gram
tuna : 100 gram
4 capsule omega 3
brocoli : 100 gram
olive oil : 2 palm

carl : 2600 protein :197 gram carb : 278 gram fat :75 gram

i really hardly eat it and so confusing why the **** i get no weight ,
can it be maybe becuase the low G I carb ? i remember when i was powerlifter i was eating the same cal but heigh GI carb and got alot of weight ?
if u think i should add more cal can i put LOW GI Carb in the dinner before bad ? no problem with this


When I was 130lb I was not concerned with Macros but rather eating as if my life depended on it.
That being said, if 2600 is too low for you to gain weight then add up another 500 kcals or so and see where you go.
Or ditch your cardio. You are either eating not enough or doing too much in the gym.


If you're happy with your current diet and enjoying it, I would just throw in cheat meals. Take that beer, ice cream, or pizza, or whatever when you want it a few times a week.


By the way, at your size I would not be concerned if your calories come in "dirty" or "clean" and how high their Glycemic load is.
The "no carbs after 6" bs is a myth by the way.
I believe it was Dr. Norton who talked about the metabolism running the fastest during the REM phase of sleeping.

Give us some additional info on you. How does your routine look?
How old are you? What are your goals? How much do you lift,



my height is 1.67 cm i am 22 years old
squat :90kg 5rm
deadlift :120kg 5rm
bench : 75kg 5rm
press:50kg 5rm

routine :
1.chest /tricep
6.hamstring /calf

my goal : 7 body fat
weight :70kg
even in the article here of "truth about bulking http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_truth_about_bulking
is says to eat 2400 caloris for someone with my weight


i jut dont want to eat Heigh G I i dont like it and i preper healty foods this's me


No idea how you're getting 197 grams of protein from that. Eat more meat.


He's right. Recheck your numbers.


forgot to say 2 shake protein 50 g protein ,
anywa i eat more than i should compare to this article in TNation so why dont i get weight ?
i eat alot more thani should :S

i am 12 bdoy fat right now so
60-7=53kg lean body fat
53 kg is 116 lbs
so i should eat 2400 carloris
and i eat even more than this about 2600 caloris
what is the problem ?
maybe becuase it is only week 2 ?


You need to give diet and training at least 4-6 weeks to see measurable results. Keep doing what you're doing and adjust accordingly in a few weeks.


seriously this what i think ,so u say it is good caloris intake for my weight (2600)
and what is the reason that i have to wait 4 week for results?
i should get about 200 gram per week as in the article


If your numbers are right (after protein shakes being added in) then that's cool and do this. If you don't gain some weight in a couple weeks add 200 calories and give it a go for another 2-4 weeks. Keep doing this until you're gaining at a decent rate without gaining too much fat - this will be personal for each person so I'm not gonna say how much weight you should be gaining as it's really up to you.


When were you a powerlifter?? And why not just eat the same way you did back then?

The glycemic index is a relatively-old way of looking at bodybuilding nutrition. But anyway, yes, add carbs. And fats. And protein.

P.S. - Half of your daily protein should not be coming from protein powder, unless it's part of a bigass high calorie shake. Focus on a lot of whole food with some powder, not the other way around.

Re-read the article. It flat-out says "The following table gives you an estimate of what your caloric intake should be set at depending on your lean body weight
This caloric intake should allow you to gain around two to three pounds per month. If you aren't gaining that amount, slowly increase your caloric intake until you reach that rate of growth (add 250kcals at a time)."
Emphasis mine.

If you're not gaining weight, eat more. Could not be a more simple concept. Overthinking it will slow you down.

That's part of it, sure. The scale should go up every week, but that's once you get everything dialed in.


Stop eating like a bitch. Fatty meats, not only do they taste better but more calories. Cheese on everything. PB and j's multiple times a day. Eat some ice cream before bed. Honestly i wish i had the problem of not gaining weight because eating can be so fun.

Basically don't be afraid to get dirty.


That article is a good start.

Basically, just start somewhere. Weigh yourself on a scale twice a week, in the morning, after using the bathroom. Take pictures every week or two. If you want, you can also use a fabric tape measure to measure your waist too.

What you want to do is make sure that you're gaining weight at a rate of AT LEAST 1 lb a week right now. You use the pictures and the tape measure to make sure that the weight is going to the right places.

If you're not gaining that quickly, eat more. If you're gaining fast enough, but too much of it is fat, eat less. Eventually you'll find a balance of how many calories YOUR body needs.

For me, even when I was 135, I had to eat over 3000 calories a day to get the scale moving upwards. Everyone is different.


Weighing yourself everyday and taking a weekly average is probably the best way to track weight gain. I find myself fluctuating about 4 lbs a week, so an average is necessary to see if weight is trending up or down over successive weeks.


ty for everyone except the one told me to eat ice cream before bed :smiley:
but i am a little confused one time u say i should wait for 4 week for start gainin weight (because of the new diet)
and another time u tell me to eat more right now ,
so i just would like to know if it is possible that the body still doesnt addapt to the diet and after two week i will start gaining weight with the same diet?

so my question is how long should i wait for seeing result in the scle(every time i change diet and riase caloris)?


Stick with one thing for at least 4 weeks. Either go with what you are doing now for 4 weeks, or increase calories a bit now and stick with that for 4 weeks.

Muscle takes time to build. You will not gain a pound of pure muscle in a week or two. Being patient and consistent will give you the best results in the long term.


ok ty very much


Agreed and I do the same.

I think a lot of people get caught up with day-to-day fluctuations though, which is why I suggested 2x a week. More data than once a week, but not enough for people to be panicking too much.

But, really, daily is definitely better than 2x a week.