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No Weight Gain on Cycle?

Hey guys. So an intro …

28 yrs old, been training for 5 years now.
5’10. 202 lbs. 12%.

This is my second cycle. First cycle as a simple 500mgs/week x 12 weeks, Test C. Basic pct, Nova 40:40:20:20.

Second cycle is, Test E 750 mgs/week x 10 weeks. Test Prop 175mgs eod x 4 weeks to finish with a short ester. Nova will be more of a 40:40:20:20:20:20 this time around. Considering Anadrol 50mg/day mid cycle(Weeks 6,7,8, and 9). Increased strength when body is primed to grow. HCG 250ius/2x week.

I’m just finishing up my third week. And I’m
Up about 2 lbs. I’ve some real hard pip, muscle swelling, warm and red. Not infected, the swelling eventually subsided after 4-5 days but it can be debilitating. My girlfriend doing my injections is a nurse so protocols are good. However, I only have 7 more weeks, so I’m going to power through. I contacted the rep, he said he hasn’t had any issues, so maybe it’s the lab or perhaps my body just doesn’t like E. The Test P I’m finishing with is from a differently lab, so fingers crossed my body takes to it.

My diet is good and my lifts are strong, for me. My macros for the week are below. I thought upping to 750mgs would hit me good, but I’m a little disappointed. The labs is well repped here in the North, so I’m not sure what’s up.
Cals 3250

WTF am I doing wrong lol

lack of patience is the only thing you’re doing wrong in my opinion lol … but can’t really comment on the muscle swelling, warmth and redness though so wait for input from other members

However, I would like to point out that stacking test with some mild orals would yield better results for a second cycle, kickstating a second cycle with d-bol or finishing it with var is actually a pretty good idea

I forgot to mention. I’ll be running anadrol 50mgs/day for weeks 6,7,8,9 when I’m growing the most. I find the theory of front loading to be waste. Why not use the extra strength when you’re primed to grow.

That’s unusual, but not unheard of. At your size and bf it’s not like you’re unaware of how to eat or train. So something is amiss. Even though being into week three isn’t far enough to say you’ve hit peak saturation points, you still should be getting some water and glycogen storage at this point.

Any feelings otherwise? You getting heightened libido, acne, anything to indicate that your test is dosed properly?

Thanks for the reply. Ive got a little shoulder acne but nothing crazy, I also had no acne on my 1st cycle. Libido is up most days, I’ve been using HCG 250ius/x2 a week, and it was needed to maintain fullness and size. So I believe my natural is shut down. Also a little more aggression.

In your case blood work will help you understand a lot more of what’s going on

I agree themathchemist. Unfortunately in Canada it’s difficult to request blood tests. I’m going to definitely explore the option, it’s just easy to exhaust it with our system up here. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m considering switch labs.

I’m guessing you have UGL gear, in which case it’s better to wait and try to get some blood work done before trying another Lab, if the Test you got from your current source worked for you last time chances are it will work again unless you got a bad bunch, but that’s always the risk you have to accept when using UGL stuff,

too bad we can’t discuss sources here but you can head to other forums where you might get some insight on the Lab you purchased from

I definitely did a ton of research before choosing this new lab up here and by all accounts, it has great reviews and I’ve read nothing but good experiences on other forums. It’s why I’m at a loss right now lol

Any chance the second vile will cause less of a reaction?