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No Weight Gain During Best Workout Program

Hi Coach,

Love the training plan, you promised I would look forward to the workouts and I do.

I’m about to start week 4, and I’ve been weighing myself everyday and taking a weekly average.

After a small gain in the first week I am now back to exactly the same weight as when I started. I weigh 185lbs so I’ve been targeting 3,000 calories per day and tracking via myfitnesspal (which I understand is not going to be exact)

So what is happening if my weight is unchanged? Am I building muscle and shedding fat? That seems unlikely? I’ve just entered my 3rd year of lifting at age 49.

Anyway, not sure if you can answer that, but I am enjoying the program and looking forward to the release of the next 6 week program.


Muscle growth is a very gradual process. Under the best circumstances a normal man can build an average of 0.5lbs of muscle per week. Some weeks there might be more, some less. Doesn’t sound like much, but that is 25lbs of muscle per year. How many people do you know past the beginner stage who gained that much?

In reality, to achieve that gain average, most will have to accept some form of fat gain. Heck, a guy like Mike Israetel (who is one smart dude) even mentioned that in an average person, muscle growth is around 20% of weight gained during a bulking period.

For example over the past 6 weeks I went from 220 to 230lbs. But it’s probably 2-3lbs of muscle, some water and some fat. But that’s how to build maximum muscle. And I know I can diet off the 4 or so pounds of fat in 2 weeks.

It is possible to build muscle while losing fat. If you gain 0.25lbs of muscle in a week and lose 0.25lbs of fat, the scale weight doesn’t change and because muscle gain is a slow process, it’s hard to have visual confirmation that you are progressing.

So, really you either have to use gym progression to know that you are on the right track or decide to go the max muscle route and accept some fat gain and add calories until the scale goes up weekly.


It took me like 8 years to gain 15 kgs of muscle. Be patient… Sometimes weight gain plateau.

Depends of your bodyfat, and 2 years of experience isn’t that much. I’m currently recomping myself because I’m coming off a pseudo covid layoff, and I’m already lean and experienced so it’s not impossible

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