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No Way (Video)


Must be fake plates. All bodybuilders are weak, they just have too much non-functional muscle mass..


If it's Coleman, and it is, chances are it's real. I've seen video of him squatting about 800 also, deep and smooth for 2, if I remember right. He's pretty much as strong as he looks.


Damn Ronnie looked good in 97


It's not the amount of muscle otherwise they would all be capable of this, it's the training. Ronnie is one strong mutha.


You must be on crack. That's Ronnie man and those plates are real. As posted prior, in his video he squats over 800 as well.



I`m pretty sure the OP was being sarcastic.


Come on.. this a BB forum. He was being sarcastic.


What exactly is the guy in the background spotting?


I think he's one of those "moral support" spotters. :slightly_smiling:


He was there to Pat him on the back before Lifting!! Dont cha know screaming """lightweight baby"" and getting slapped on the back before you lift unleashes special powers!
I thought that was awesome! Not for me, but awesome to watch.


He's the owner of the gym.


It does seem to help having one or two people barking at you when going for a big one.

Pete "move that weight or I punch you in the nuts" McCracken
(style stolen from Dan McVicker)


Thats not for alot of people, like 6 billion....


I personally like the way he asks RC for 1 more rep and RC just puts the weight down. LOL @ these guys always asking for 1 more. If you abuse that phrase eventually ppl will ignore you.

PS: Thats right, I quoted myself!


These Coleman videos kick ass!

I think I need to start listening to hardcore rap when I lift.


His moral has been supported


olexander krutcher, a 165lb pl, recently deadlifted 792, AFTER squating over 800lbs, and benching 600 something in the same competition. so dont expect me to jizz all over myself watching big bad ronnie pull big weights.


Kutcher will definitely go down in history as one of the strongest or THE strongest of all time. He's a couple hundred lbs ahead of his closest competitiors.

Ronnie is very impressive in his own right. That was the first time I had ever heard his voice. And that was a little strange hearing that voice come out of that body. LOL i had to rewind and make sure it wasn't some kid talking to him or something.


actually, i am impressed to hell and back with Ronnie, he is a monster! i posted that sort of to prove a point to some others i am having a debate with on the "favorite BB picture" thread, sort of turning the tables on them so to speak.


His name is Brian Dobson, he owns the gym and in every photo shoot or video of Ronnie he always weasels himself in there. I love when he licked his hands before Coleman pulled like he needed extra grip for that pat on the back. Thats why Coleman is Mr.O. I'd say 98% of all bodybuilders especially pro are afraid to venture into that heavy zone. His new Motto which is even better is

"Ain't nuttin but a peanut"

Yea his Texas accent is pretty amusing.