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No.Va/DC/So.Md Social Dinner on April 26

All T-men/T-vixens in the area are cordially invited to the first T-Cell social in No.Va/DC/So.Md.

Reservation: Party of Seven (Stella)
Date: April 26th. Saturday
Time: 7:00 PM

Konami Resturant (Japanese)
8221 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182
(703) 821-3400

Click here to see where it’s located and get directions.

Sushi is not a high-T food. :wink:

Ahh…Ike, it was sushi v. Thai. :wink:

When I visit Portland, you may show me what high T-food really is. :wink:

High T-Food in Portland is STEAK.

stella: Sushi at least to me I love it. I agree a nice steak is also great. But Sushi packs in a lot of protien.


I had filet mignon from Heathman twice. :wink: Yum…Good stuff. And Ko’s smoked salmon/avocado omelete should count as T-food.



It’s today! :slight_smile: