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No.VA/DC/S. Md Petition

Hi guys,
Wasn’t able to attend yesterday’s meeting so i don’t know how well the turn out was. Hope everyone showed. Im writing this on account of the interview article with Rick Collins on supplement banning. Not only should everyone send out their letters from his site i think that our t-cell area should write a unified petition with all our names signed at another meeting. We gotta show some support and keep healthy supplements on the shelves. Lets set em up! let the responses roll.

Turn out was great, the whole night was good, thank you Stella for making the reservations!! Stella took a picture so that should be up at some point. Honestly I was soooo happy…it is just plain cool to meet other people like that and realize you’re not the only one around :). We had a good dinner, were there till around 11 p.m. just talking ourselves to death, and everybody was twice as nice as you would have expected. We definitely, definitely need to do it again.
I’m all for the petition…already been sending emails to senators and so on but I’ll jump on any effort.

And also…was thinking…I know I’ve done the send it to your senators thing…what if we got a t-mag wide petition done? I know there are various ways of doing it over the web…might be something good to do.

Let’s see the pics and hear the tales. If there are no good tales, please confer with CGB and make some up.



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