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No.Va-D.C.-Md. T-cell dinner social

Fellow t-men/vixens:

We are planning a get together in the Tysons Corner (Va) area for an upcoming dinner. After speaking with a few a you, Sushi is the frontrunner for food. The event will probably take place on a Sat. evening. All are welcome. It will be very relaxed as we would just like to use this as a meet/converse, talk about our fitness passions, etc.
Please respond via this thread or feel free to pm me if you are interested in attending.

Next up will be setting a date/time and that will be posted on this thread as things materialize in the vear future so keep checking back for more info…

Hope you can make it!

Body -iq too bad I can’t make it right now Im from southern Md but down in college right now in NC i wish I could be up there to go…It sucks


I’m up for it. Just let me know 1 week in advance, and I shouldn’t have any major problem making it. :slight_smile:

I’m in. What’s the best Sushi place in Tysons? Just let me know when and where.

I’m not sure about the whole sushi thing, but I’ll do my darndest to see if I can get out there.

I must say, you guys made a great choice in Tyson’s Corner. I live right in Tyson’s, thanks! I should be able to make it provided a little notice.

i’m in as long as its close to UMD, college park

They will most likely have chicken and different foods for those that don’t eat sushi.
Sushi is awesome though!!!
Salmon~Tuna~Eel…I guess the eel thing doesn’t really work for me. Great health food though.

A date for the dinner social has been set! It will be on April 26th (Sat.) @ 7 p.m…
The location: Konami (sushi) or Busara (Thai). They are literally located within one mile of each other.
Once the location has been decided, I will put out the directions.
Lets take a vote and at the end of this weekend I will tally them up (Sunday night). Majority wins!
1 vote for Busara!
Please PM me with any additional questions that you may have.
Looking forward to meeting all that can make it!

Sushi for me! :smiley:


sigh, u just had to kill it for me. Live 10 minutes away but the 26th ill be down in Virginia Beach specating a NPC show. BAH!!!


Anyone interested???

I will do my best to attend. Shouldn’t be a problem, living in Herndon. Somehow I missed the original post. I had no idea how many of us were in this area. Why is it I haven’t seen anyone else flying our colors? No preference on the place. Herc

Unfortunately, the 26th is a bad date for me, as I’ll be seeing Richard III at the Shakespeare Theatre that day. At least I’ll get to eat at Zaytinya and have a beer at RFD. Oh well, better luck next time. I hope you guys have a good time and can schedule another get together soon.

I’m in, either/or on the restaurant, Tyson’s is right near me. And I just got that weekend off work too woohoo! :slight_smile:
Now if I can just figure out low-carb sushi…I may be sticking with sashimi lol!!

So the currrent score is:

2 for sushi - Stella and i
1 for Thai - BodyIQ
2 don’t care - Herc and eleveneyes

Wow alot aound here. I luv thai food. My wife is Thai but her mom lives makes the real deal but she lives in Florida. I should be able to make it my wife also. I think sushi has a more sociable atmoshere.

So sushi on Sat? Since Sat = my cheat day, it’ll work very well. :slight_smile: