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No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk...


Unless its in your macbook! So now I'm pretty much out of $1500 or the warranty at best if it turns on when i put it back together...


That blows.

If they dont replace it, lets make this semi-fun.

Who has the best way to completely obliterate the remainders?


A shotgun blast from close range with no. 7 1/2 shot is great for ridding yourself of electronic trash. It makes plastic and glass powder like a clay pigeon.


If you can clean it up, and make sure it's COMPLETELY dry before putting any power to it, you might be okay.

Electrical components will only get fried from water (liquid) if there's power running through it.


Clean it up with distilled water. Water itself is not conductive, only the contaminants. After that, use a hair dryer to dry it off. Many laptops have been fixed this way. Doesn't the warrenty cover it? The less they know the better.. just say it stopped working.


While they won't "fry" unless their is power going through it, the components start oxidizing right away.

Even with distilled water, chances are it won't work again.


I call bullshit.

If this guy's Macbook is all disassembled in a million pieces, how is he able to come on the internet and post on T-Nation to tell us about it???


Nah, I think it will be fine.

9 years ago, I stupidly left my window open and went out for the day. Came home in a torrential downpour and discovered the open window. Soggy carpet all the way to the door on the other side of the room. TV, video, stereo all slightly wet, dried them off with a towel, left them for a few days and they still worked.

The PC however, was right under the window. I POURED water out of the monitor, got 1/2 a litre or so out of that sucker. The PC was similarly drenched. I pulled the covers off, left them to dry and a week later put them together again and turned them on.

Worked beautifully.

I gave that PC to my mother-in-law to use when I upgraded a few years later. She finally stopped using it a month ago and it was still going strong.

I say he might just be ok.


You're joking, right? ... Lots of people have more than one computer, especially ones with MacBooks.

I saw just clean it off with alcohol, much easier than distilled water/hair dryer.


Oh, and if you disassambled it like that, you most likely voided your warranty.


Agreed. I used to be big into "enthusiast hardware", and a lot of times people would come home to drenched components from a leaky watercooling system and after a hair dryer they would work fine. My friend also spilled a glass of water all over her laptop. It didn't boot, but after 3 days it would boot to the Windows loading screen and after 5 days it worked fine.

It might even be a little faster seeing that it had that "casein boost"


Fine guess I'll ask,how/why did that happen to your notebook?


Trying to get my poor man's pwo shake in after i did some reverse grip cleans...

It's half back together right now we need some thermal paste to put the heat sink back on. If it turns on we might get it refurbished in order to get the warranty back. If it doesn't turn on tech support thought it would need a new logic board which is 600$ and my 200$ extended warranty wont even cover the labor so it will be over 1000 to repair... so hoping for the best.

Between my two houses we have innumeral computers... so no bs unfortunately


My dad was worried that alcohol would mess with the plastic so we went with distilled water and just let the parts air dry.


My brother has a house at our college so I was thinking if i didnt work advertising a beer pong tourney where you win a nearly brand new computer..




Dude!, we gotta hang someday.


I cleaned it from the floor but lowered it like a curl... good exercise btw.