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No Tren This Time Around


No more Tren my next go around. My last bout with it was rough. I was on it for a long time and couldn’t have been happier to get off. I’m currently in my stasis taper and already anxious to start my next cycle. I’m thinking of a nice summer cut.

Current stats-
13% BF ( been eating loosely since PCT)

Weeks 1-10 Test Cyp 200mg E3D
Weeks 1-10 Mast Blend 200mg E3D
Weeks 1-10Proviron 50mg ED
weeks 1-4 Tbol 40mg ED
Weeks 8-12 Winny 50mg ED

Any other injectables you guys suggest?

I got up to 205 my last cycle in now down to 198 during PCT I’de like to stay around 195 as dry as I can be.

I finish my taper at the end of May and will be hopping on the new cycle early June.

Here’s a pic of my current condition


My vascularity is slowly fading but this is my most recent photo


Bump on this thread?? Any advice for other injectables? My goal here is for a nice summer feel good cycle. Npp maybe? Anybody ever try test/mast/Dbol together? Sounds like a feel good cycle to me, maybe throw in some NPP for the old achy joints? Dbol or Tbol on the front end Winny on the back end? Just tossing around ideas June 1st will Starting

Thanks chaps


Summer will always mean Tren A/Tesp P/Mast P…

The obvious orals too being Var and Winny…

Could try NPP but its still a baby compared to Tren A.

Why was Tren so rough?

I personally don’t think you can beat Tren A when looking for a harder look whilst still packing on lean mass and strength.


I love Tren. ABSOLUTLY love it . But my last run was too long. Fucked my adreal glands or something Felt fatigued and groggy after the first 4 weeks For 14 weeks I ran Tren E, Test C, Mast E and a few orals mixed in for a contest prep I ended up calling out on due to leg development issues. I’ve been putting most of my focus into my legs lately. But I’m Just looking for a lighter cycle for he summer. One where I can just feel good and happy. Not pissed off and sweaty all the time. Lol not to mention it killed my sex drive. Even with caber. Didn’t want anything to do with my girl. I just wanted to eat lift and fuck shit up.

I’m afraid NPP may have some of the same characteristics, I’ve never tried it. But I’m open to it.

But if I could fathom a cycle that would make me horny and happy I’de say test/mast/Proviron/Dbol

Use Var or winny on the back end to cut and polish. Diet will be maintance for most of the duration depending on my weight. 195 is target weight, body fat will be my biggest concern. I’de like to get down to 8%

Aromasin will be used to keep water retention as low as possible, I typically use 25mg ED

I hear NPP is great for strength but if it’s going to give me lack of libido and more possibility of bloat I’ll ACE that out. Just looking for opinions.

If I wasn’t trying to avoid Tren I’de run a Test/Mast/Tren mix I can get for pretty cheap.


well, i think the cycle looks good for your goal for the summer, but i am curious if you’re having joint issues now (with the NPP comment). if so, i suspect the Winny is gonna make this feel pretty rough…


I have lower back issues, none to hindering and some minor shoulder pain occasionally again not to bad. Last time I ran winny it just dried me out a little bit. Had to go light and be careful with my tricep exercises. I felt it most in my elbows. So do tou think NPP will cause similar effects as Tren in regards to libido? And mood? I would consider primo if I thought I could get a legit source. The lab I can get primo from is 100$ for 10 100mg/1ml ampules. A lot of money to spend if it’s faked. All they’re other products were good quality. Especially the Tren =)


Well yeh, if your dieting then any steroid stack is gonna keep things feeling good…

So go for it, you seem to know what you are doing.

I havent tried NPP either, I never really see the need to risk prolactin issues or substitute the tren out…

I guess yoI’ll could add in EQ at a high dose? If your dieting though it can increase your appetite so not the best if youve got poor will power?


Sounds good. I considered EQ but I’m really not looking for a longer cycle and EQ doesn’t quite fit the bill for what I’m trying to go for. Ill keep you guys posted with what I end up doing. As of now this is going be along the lines of what my summer cut will look like

1-12 HCG 250iu E3D
1-10 TestC 200mg E3D
1-10 Mast Blend 200mg E3D
1-10 Proviron 50mg ED
1-10 Aromasin 25mg ED
1-8 NPP 100mg EOD
1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
8-12 Winny 50mg ED

Caber on hand .5 E3D in case of prolactin issues

PCT actually going to try a SERM only PCT
Nolva 40/20/20/20/20/10

I usually do a stasis Taper.+SERM but man does it take a long time being “on” but not really “on”


Looking good, dude.

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Did you ever do that show?


I ended up calling it about 6 weeks out. I had some brutally honest criticism about my leg development. Kinda put me in a bad frame of mind and ended up just focusing on my legs. Which as you can see in the recent photo has a little bit of improvement from some of my older photos floating around. Still my main focus at this point. As the old saying goes “legs win shows”


Update… Started my summer cut at 189lbs right now I’m blasting

1G test EW
40 Dbol ED
50 Provi ED
25 Aromasin ED
250 HCG E3D

Just dropped my test down to 600mg EW

My source for caber is sketchy and I’m not sure if I’m willing to use them again. So I’m a little skeptical to use NPP without it. Do you guys think I can get away with not using it for 5-6 weeks and running test a few weeks after I drop it? This will be my first time with Nandrolone and I’m fearing the dreaded Deca dick

I just placed my order and I’m about to start

NPP 100 EOD weeks 6-10/12
Mast 100 EOD weeks 6-10/12
Winny 50 ED weeks 6-10/12


Everyone is different mate and I have ran Deca D and Tren without caber when I was less educated… No apparent sides… But now knowing what can happen I would want to have some before starting any npp…


there’s a school of thought that states that prolactin will only rise if you let your oestrogen get high. I dunno though; deca dick can last a looonnnnggggg time…


Have you heard of anyone having Deca dick even with proper use of ancillaries?


With NPP you will be out of the woods a lot sooner than with deca d if you were to run into problems. And FWIW I think you can get a lot out of it with a low dose. I’ve run it at 200mg with good results and no sides, without caber.