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No Training Over Spring Break, Help?

Hi! My spring break is in about a month and I’ll be visiting colleges with my parents for a bit over 2 weeks. During that time I won’t have any opportunity to lift (packed schedule, lack of equipment and lack of parent support). I’m really scared of loosing some serious strength. What should I do, help!!!

2 weeks is nothing. Just do some push-ups & pull-ups (if you can find somewhere to do them). Or just take the time totally off. If you took a whole 2-3+ months off your concern would be much more warranted.

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Either find a gym or two along the way or look at Josh Bryant’s YouTube channel, he has a bunch of “hotel workout” videos. You won’t get stronger but at least you can maintain muscle mass. Make sure you eat too.

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Clench it tightly, but even if you accidentally allow it to get loose that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily lose it.

I wouldn’t worry about a few weeks at 18.

Train hard up to that point. Two weeks off will be a welcomed relief. No big deal at all.

Cool Thanks!

enjoy the spring break and take some days off ! you will have alot of benefits from it