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No Tolerance for Junk Food?


I've always eaten pretty clean; I'd have an occasional donut every month or so along the way here or there. Over the last year though I've really clamped down on my diet to the point where 90% of what I eat is found in the powerfoods articles here. I don't eat anything with added sugar or HFCS or preservatives. Today at work they had pizza for lunch, and munchkins were also available. I had one slice of pizza, and a munchkin, and within 20 minutes I felt like I was slipping into a coma. I felt like shit for the next couple hours until after my workout. I can't believe people have diets that consist mainly of this garbage. No wonder our country has a diabetes & obesity issue.


Then don't eat junk food you fuck. Btw one slice of pizza and a munchkin is pussy shit.


Then don't eat junk food you fuck. Btw one slice of pizza and a munchkin is pussy shit.


solid first contribution to the forums.




I've found I function best when adhering to a "90% clean" dietary habit. Since I am not in a position to gain anymore, it's easy. I get five meals a day, seven if you count the AP2 protocol and my PWO whey.

I feel the need to get some additional carbs in once or twice a week. I've experienced similar things to you, though, and will have massive drops in energy after some of the cheat meals.


Well if what you eat is giving you the results you want then that's most important.

As for feeling sick after eating a pizza and candy (is that what munchkins are?) it maybe related to other factors. I'm sure many people have had an irritable response in eating a food that they have abstained from for long periods of time.

FWIW I had a few days of discomfort when I went from being vegetarian (yeah that was me in 2001) to not being one (2004ish). Felt discomfort when scaling down carbs and switching up protein etc.

For OP, I'd almost want to say clean/not clean has nothing to do with why you're "slipping into a coma" as you put it but again more to do with eating a food that you haven't eaten in a while. And while eating fast food, sweet food etc is most likely a contributing factor to obesity/onset of diabetes etc it's almost definitely due to the volume of food consumed and in most cases a sedentary lifestyle.

But hey, if this experience forges you forward to continue eating cleaner and looking great then by all means continue.


I experience the same thing. After abstaining from some foods for quite some time, I can't tolerate them much. I used to LOVE French fries. Now I can't eat more than a few without discomfort after. Same with other items Burger King, Taco Bell, and McDonald's. I used to love these places for cheat meals. Can't do it anymore. Now a cheat is something like a Friendly's sundae or chicken parmesan. Just can't handle anything too rich or mega calorie in one sitting.

It's kind of like what happened to Dave Tate when he went from a "Super Size Me Diet" to clean eating. He had discomfort after eating rice, chicken, oatmeal, and rice; he even vomited one time.


i think this is quite common amongst people who eat clean all the time . ive been eating clean for about 10 years ( cut out all sugar , flour and processed and fast foods etc). the only time i eat some cake ,ice cream or sweet cereals is when im bulking to get my cals in and i feel like crap lethargic , nauseous and i start getting spots on my face . for this reason i can only bulk for 4 months max , at the end of 4 months just the thought of eating makes me feel a bit sickly .


I too eat clean all the time, and have really learned that food is fuel, and like fuel in a car - my body runs best on premium! My nutrition professor likens the body to a car, and always says, you wouldn't want to put Coke into a car engine, it just wouldn't really work - lol! I definately notice bloating, lethargy and general shittiness when I eat bad foods. I'm also on an Anabolic Diet, and on Saturday nights I have 2 cups oats, 1 cup blueberries and 1 or 2 pieces fruit, and since I'm not used to such an insulin spike, I feel like I'm high on adderall for 20ish minutes, then drop like a preschooler coming off a sugar high - hahah. The body is a fine machine, treat it like one and it will do whatever you tell it to.


Pizza is actually very nutritious...


I've felt unusually crappy after two occassions that I can think of where I ate junk food that I would otherwise be able to power through. I think once was pizza and the other time was some filipino food. The thing in common was grease, carbs, and salt.

Other times I've been fine. I think being drunk increases my ability to handle junk food greatly.