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No Time to Work Out it Seems

What is the best way to build muscle when you work 14-16 hours a day 6 days a week?

Get less sleep. It is going to suck, but you can make it work. Prep all your meals ahead of time, and find where your timesinks are and eliminate them.


What type of work do you do? Chinups and 1 arm press ups, handstand pushups, Piked pushups, 1 arm pushups. I used to do these in my breaks at work in a call centre (10 -12 hour shifts) so not as bad as you got but it worked to an extent. I was not there long 7 months , it does not create a good impression. They seemed to like the grippers and the bull worker though. Bending nails can be a good upperbody workout too for breaks.

Check for low scaffolding or a low hanging branch on a tree for chin-ups. Wall pushes can be done too . Isometrics done at diffent points. , table tricep pushups (pushing up from a table with your trices on one or both arms).

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Focus on short, high intensity work-outs…like: One day bench for 8 sets, another squat, deadlift, ohp, row etc.


I do cable and alarm installations for comcast. I drive from house to house installing services all day.

Totally agree! I would consider a home gym as well.
Most of my workouts are between 30-45 minutes of pure hell but has worked best for me.

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Home gym will be your best bet mate, I had the same with time constraints, so many years ago bought a power rack, bench, plates and Oly bar and never looked back.


Whoever says you cant do it from a home gym is wrong btw. A lot of guys on forums told me I was pissing in the wind. 55lb of lean mass later, now I am bigger than them. I put on 40lb in my apartment living room. Took as long for me to set up and put the weights away as it did for the workout. Eventually I moved a bench and cable apparatus to a self storage unit and worked out there for a while. Now I have my own little personal dungeon in the basement. Kind of funny looking back at how determined I was.

Hell, its probably good for your journey if you dont have space but make due anyway. Takes a “no excuses” mindset that way.

A good plan and imagination with a cheap home gym set up can accomplish anything a gym can.