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hey im just wondering if anyone can help me out here. i have a very busy school schedule and am trying to find a workout that i can do just three times a week if anyone has some advice on 3 quick workouts id love to hear it.

What do you classify as quick? 20mins? 45mins? Also what do you want to achieve maintenace or fat loss etc?

If muscle growth is your goal, you should go with Hypertrophy Specific Training. Go to the Think Muscle website, and find out more about it (actually, if you enter a search, you’ll find a post about it here on the forum). You could also go to the Meso board to find out more. However, if brutal strength is your goal, then Bill Starr’s classic Big Three will work wonders. It’s definitely an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve tried both programs…workouts last a bit over an hour on the latter program, ~50 minutes on the former. Good luck.

Split you workouts up between upper body and lower body, and alternate between them on your 3x a week schedule.