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No Test, What To Do?

I had an earlier post stating that the test-e i have has been fucking me up. While i am waiting for the new shit to get here is there anything i can take to get me started while i wait? I am trying to cut up and get rock hard. I have a few things in mind, but i always like to get some outside advice.

I have a few bottles of Deca, a few bottles of Primo, a few Equpoise, a few Tren-E. Everything i have is Enanthate. Plus i have like 1000 D-bol, i like to keep on hand, i really don’t want to use them if i don’t have to. Maybe for my winter bulking cycle.

I don’t want to do something just to “do something”. But is there anything i can do that would make sense without wasting time or gear? Thanks guys! Any advice is much appreciated!

how much primo you got you could start with some primo if you have enough. I would go for 500mg 800mg e/w.

Then when your test shows up add this in.
Or start with deca just that deca will give you limp dick and if you dont get test for a while it might be a prob if you have a GF.