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No Test Cutter Advice


getting ready for a summer cutter. ive always used test as a base and have had great results. the only problem i get some bloat in the face even with AI use. last cycle was tren A 350w and test p 700w everyday pin adex .25 eod. my diet was pretty clean.

what do you guys think i can expect from this : ( im 6'1 215 )

primo - 600 mg W
mast enth - 600 mg W
var -50 ed
clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
pct-taper (it works for me)

originaly i had sust 250 at 500 mg a week but am curious what i could expect without it



What is your bodyfat%?


around 9-10 % not trying to get contest ready, just lean. i ve used mast before and like the fullness i get from it


im about 9-10 %, not trying to get contest ready, just lean. i ve used mast before and do like the fullness it provides


In that case, the cycle is fine and you will be very happy IMPO.

You need to drop very little fat (if any TBH, as i consider under 10% very lean anyway) - so it will help to retain your existing muscle, and it will increase the shredded ‘look’ by the high androgen and low estrogen levels.

IMO however, i personally would make the most of the low bodyfat i had by doing a cycle consisting of Test Prop, Tren Ace and Masteron Prop… all injected daily.
Clean eating, High Protein, low GI carbs and low fat would be enough to build more muscle while keeping bodyfat to a minimum and still look great for the summer - but adding muscle as i did.

However, my long term goals may be different to yours - that is to say, i want to be fucking big!