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No Test Bulk Cycle

I want to do an 8 week bulking cycle, but want to avoid test on account of the side effects (I’m prone to acne). I’ve done a couple of cycles before and want to put on 8-10lbs. At the moment I’m 6 foot 2, 210lbs at 10% bf.

Anyone have any thoughts on:

  1. tren + winny (at 75ed/50 ed). Usually a cutting cycle, but could i gain off this?

  2. tren + 4-AD-EC?

Any other stacks people could recommend? Cycles without test seem fairly rare…

There are so many combinations. Here are a few:

with proviron/masteron




dbol/ winstrol


lots of choices. The difference between a cutting cycle and a bulking cycle is mostly in your diet and training, not the steroids you choose.

Hi, thanks for the response - very interesting.

I’m considering eq/tren/dbol. In fact, I had looked into EQ before, and from what I read it looked like an interesting choice, plus the increase in appetite wouldn’t hurt in this type of cycle.

However, aren’t tren/eq both class 1, and highly suppressive? I’m interested as to why they’d be stacked together - wouldn’t they shut you down very hard, plus kill sex-drive, while not yielding much in terms of synergistic effects?

Would be very interested in people’s views on this.

I’ve known guys that are highly susceptible to bloating that have had good gains, and acne, from tren and winny alone. Dbol and tren gives me a few zits. I’ve never had real acne or lost hair from steroids. I think these side effects are highly individual, if you are prone to acne I think it will happen with any androgen. Yes tren will mess with your sex life, but as little as 125-250 mg of ent or cyp per week will reverse it. Also I think you have to accept HPTA shutdown as a fact in a cycle and plan around it with proper PCT. I think you’ll be surprised how fast you bounce back if you do it right. Access to ancillaries is easy and cheap.

Arnold once said, “If you can’t grow of deca and dianabol you can’t grow off anything.”
So that’s an idea…run the dianabol at 20mg ed for 10 weeks and the deca at 500mg/week for 8 weeks w/ a sufficient frontload.
Prisoner threw out a lot of good combo’s too, and he’s 100% correct about your diet being the culprit of the results you see.
I think equipoise and anadrol would be a good combo as well…just keep the anadrol to a reasonable amount as it raises hematocrit levels which will in turn give you splitting head aches.


didn’t dan duchaine say that about deca and d-bol

Yep but he was quoting Arnold.

Thanks for the replies.

Have decided to do primo/winny for eight weeks. Will look like this:

Week 1: Primo @ 1000 (frontload)
Winny @ 100 EOD (inj)
Weeks 2-8: Primo @ 500 (twice weekly injections)
Winny @ 100 EOD (inj)

Clomid @ 50 ED throughout.

PCT begins 5 days after last shot of primo(using clomid).

Couple of other questions though:
(i) Is HCG necessary during the cycle? Haven’t used it before.

(ii) What would you recommend to minimise hair loss while on? Not prone to mpb, but better safe than sorry!

Thanks in advance.

[quote]Jack39 wrote:
(i) Is HCG necessary during the cycle? Haven’t used it before.[/quote]

I don’t see HCG being a necessity for your cycle. You’re not using high levels of chemicals or powerful androgens that will shut you down hard. Your Clomid should be enough. Your cycle is of average duration (an 8 weeker).

[quote]Jack39 wrote:
(ii) What would you recommend to minimise hair loss while on? Not prone to mpb, but better safe than sorry![/quote]

I wouldn’t worry about losing your hair. Nothing you are using is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) nor will Primo or Winny convert to it. I hope this helps. Good luck.

I’ve heard penty of guys bitch about frontal hair loss with primo. I never had a problem with any steroid. It’s a genetic thing, very individual. Nizoril shampoo is supposed to help.

[quote]PAP wrote:
It’s a genetic thing, very individual. Nizoril shampoo is supposed to help. [/quote]

…or if you’re REALLY concerned, you can use some Finasteride, which also goes under the brand name Proscar. The stuff is seriously strong. As low as 1mg will lower DHT levels by 65% in just 24 hours. I hope this helps. Good luck.