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No-Talent Music Fans?


Like many of you, I love talented bands/artists like Mastodon, Cunninlynguists, Public Enemy, Despised Icon, Tupac, Biggie, The Sword, Isis, Dr. Dre, Iron Maiden, etc.

...BUT I also love any kind of catchy music, even if little to NO musical talent is involved. That's right, I like Lil' Wayne, Katy Perry, Young Jeezy, Mike Jones, Lady Gaga, and pretty much any hit club rap. The only exception is any song with T-pain. He should die.

Any other shameless shitty music lovers out there? Or should I just kill myself?


I'll be honest with you ... I think Jack Johnson isn't very talented at all. But I like his shit .. same thing with the Fratelli's .. Citizen Cope .. I'm sure there are more but I like those three and I don't think they have very much musical talent. Especially the fratellis


Answer B.


DAMMIT I was afraid of that.

Polo, I also like Jack Johnson. I mean, shit, could music be any happier?


I think the robot voice/singing underwater modulation has run it's course and will be off the airwaves soon. Southpark stuck a big fork in Kanye and made that whole technique a punchline.

Just like not hearing Little John going "What?" and "Yeah!" on tracks anymore.

That's the thing with hip hop and pop music in general. Something gets hot and stations play it over and over and over.

In the gym last week I heard the T-payne/Timberlake song three times and was in the gym just over an hour, come on now. Good is good but never when it's shoved down your throat.

I think Will I Am is a great rapper but not on that Boom Boom track when he's all modulated. I can't stand that shit.

That being said, I think I have a split personality, and that other personality is a 12 year old tween. Because I dig James Morrison, and Eric Hutchinson, and the Fray... Jeezus I'm queer.

Not saying your shouldn't kill yourself, but I should probably just end it too.


Tupac is talented?


As long as it makes money, T-pain will continue to be in every hook and chorus of all hip hop songs. Oh ya that includes Akon.

shawtyyy, yeaaaaah, yeaaaaaaah, yeaaaaaaah

Konvict musiccccc


This is true...that's why I must kill t-pain. If I have to listen to that shit for 5 hours straight at work one more time, I'll have an aneurysm.


Lol...although I haven't heard of a few of those bands the only one I know that I would consider talented is Iron Maiden.

Who cares if the band is talented anyway? If I like a band I listen to them.


i think if you can make people like your music you are talented.

sometimes im not trying to hear some deep, in-depth shit and i just want to chill and not think.

i like Gucci Mane solely for the fact i think he's extremely ignorant and it just fascinates me. the man has a Bart Simpson and Otis (garfield) chain. seriously. he's awesome.

plus Gucci Mane actually does the shit he raps about. dudes had 2 seperate murder trials



same thing here as the OP, i like ELP, Yes, Rush, Tool, but i also like a lot of the cheesy techno pop of my generation such as Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, Missing Persons, ect(boy, i just dated myself there did i not?)

as far as the rap stuff, i like some of it, or maybe more fair to say a very little bit of it, and a little goes a long way with me.

IMO, rap as a genre is quite limited, i might find a tune that is catchy, but after just a few listens it gets old and tired. it lacks musical depth and complexity, also the topics are pretty lame and weak (to me). there is only so much i can hear about some ghetto tough guy talking about how many bitches he has, how much money he has, how many cars he has, how much dope he slings and smokes, how many times he has been in a shootout, etc.

just my opinion, and i am an older guy, so the fascination that this current younger "mainstream" has with ghetto/gangster/hiphop culture escapes me.


LOL. Reminds me of all these big-body chevys I see driving around with shit like spongebob and toucan sam painted on them.


I used to have a pic on my old cell of a Dodge Magnum..painted/dressed up like Trojan Magnum package....parked at a Wal-Mart in Mesquite.


I feel like you're asking two different questions. There's a difference between technical simplicity and lack of talent. Pop music is simple by definition, but it takes talent to write good pop music.

I like pop music, if that's what you're asking. But I don't like bad music.

You need to differentiate between hip-hop and radio rap. Check out Cunninlynguists, as mentioned in the first post. Lyrically hip-hop is probably the most complex genre out there. And because of its willingness to borrow from every other genre, it has developed great musical depth.


You're telling me you don't like "I'm on a boat" ????

but..but..it's like a big, blue watery road. :frowning:

but seriously, I have to agree with you, I like most of the "untalented" people you mentioned. It's all just fun to listen to, ya don't have to respect them as artists.

I love the Hollywood Undead, but I don't take them seriously in any way. lol


Exactely. Except I just don't find that song funny at all lol


I don't find the words very funny, but the idea is spot on. Rappers are always on boats. Hilarious.
The more times I hear it, the funnier it is because of the stupidity.

"Jizz in my pants" is a must-listen though.


Flo Rida is one of the biggest hacks in music right now, but he sure has a good formula for making money off crackers.


Go eat a dick