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No Synthol, Just Tire Sealant




I inject worse into womens rear ends than that all the time.

By force





When advanced alien races finally make their presence known, I'm afraid this is the kind of shit they're gonna see and there'll be no hope for humankind. Sadly, we might deserve it.


People die of their own stupidity everyday. There are no victims here.

Same issue with people suing McDonalds for making them fat and ill.


The video title at the bottom of the article is the best part: "Fake Tranny Dr. Injected Cement and Fix-A-Flat Into Woman's Ass For Cosmetic Surgery".


seems legit


So.... is a license required for this?


I see no problem here. It just looks odd because her shirt is crooked. Straight it out and that could be Halle Berry


She's a man. Make that Harry Berry


I would hit it.


no..no..no...naaaaaa ahhhhh mannnn damn....fuck...why girl...why.




When you stop to think about it would be stupid not to do it.


LMAO. Those crazy transgenders. What'll they think of next, huh?


No, the person that got the surgery (pic above) is a woman. The DOCTOR was the transgender.

edit: holy shit, i stand corrected. What an insane person


That is the doctor (Oneal Ron Morris). There aren't any pics of the victim yet because they've withheld her identity.

EDIT: Nevermind. I see you've had a "Crying Game" moment:


Different case, patient dies:


Korean woman injects her face with.... cooking oil: