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No Strength Gains


Been bulking and sleeping 7-8 hours a day.Still don't see strength gains in the 3 lifts.. Neither tired nor hungry throughout the day..

Currently I'm deloading and working up the weights..

Intend to stick to doing 3x5 on all my lifts as in the past, I did a lot of sets of low reps.So I had decided to reduce the volume of my training and see how does it have an effect on my overall strength gains..

Bulking Affects CNS Gains?

Do you have any videos showing your form in all three lifts? How long have you been bulking and do you have an outline of your training program? If you’re doing things right outside the gym then you should be making progress unless you’re going too heavy too often or consistently using bad technique.


Been bulking since I started training… current bf% ard 20.
Rarely get sore after a workout unless I haven’t done an exercise for a really long time

I find that when I do a certain exercise for 1x a week or 1x every 2 weeks, I am able to set PRs.

I currently weigh around 73.5kg… However, strength levels are still far from desired…


If you have been doing low reps this entire time and are not making progress, you may consider a different rep scheme now. A program with some sort of assistance work or variety might be useful.


How long have you been running your program and how long did it take until you hit a plateau? Can I see a sample of what you did for one week? What are your current PRs?

By only going off of your statement of doing a high set and low rep scheme for each movement 1x per week (and assuming you don’t get enough assistance work in), you probably need to increase overall volume. I don’t have an idea of your lifting history and your max for each lift so it is hard to suggest what you should change. Like T3hPwnisher suggested you can add in more rep work (the main lift or variation would work) and/or you can substitute the main lift with a variation. An easy cookie cutter recommendation without knowing your experience level is to do Starting Strength and then move on to 5x5. Don’t rush your strength gains because PRs typically come the fastest on these programs so you want to stay on for as long as possible. Your strength gains over time increase with the amount of volume you do as long as the intensities are in the moderate to high range, you have no glaring muscle weaknesses and assuming technique isn’t an issue.