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No Squat Rack!


basically none of the gyms near me own a squat rack.

i currently travel 60 miles to get to and from my gym where everybody works their t-shirt muscles.

i own some weightlifting equipment at home and like to supplement my gym work by working out at home.

i really miss squats tho. currently i can only squat the weight that i can shoulder press and put on my neck which isn't as heavy as i'd like to be squatting.

during gym sessions i spend a lot of time on the cybex leg press but this pales in comparison to doing proper squats.

does anybody have a suggestion as to what i can do? unfortunately there aren't many gyms where i live and i don't have any room at home to put a squat rack.

is there anything else i should consider?



You say it's not possible to put a squat rack anywhere in your home? Well...if that's absolutely true then that sucks, but maybe the garage???

If not, do you know a friend or a neighbor that might have one?


I was in a similar situation for a while. I did a lot of front squats, you're still limited by what you can clean but it helped my clean go up too. You can still load up the bar on hack squats, and I did a lot of lunges and split squats. You're really only limited to what your grip can hold.

It may not be ideal but there are certainly ways to hit the legs hard without a squat rack.


Clean the bar and front squat.


What he said.

And don't forget about heavy deadlifts, lunges, Bulgarian Split Squats and the barbell hack squat!


Or go old school. Lift up one side of the bar, and manuver yourself under it, get centered, then go for it.


Buy a trap bar and do deadlifts off a raised platform.


where the hell do you live?


1) Try convincing your gym to get one. If you can, find some like minded people in your gym to help you convinve the gym owners.

2) Do what zap told you

3) Overhead squats are great too, you can snatch, power snatch or jerk the weight up over your head. Barbell hack squats are good too.

4) There are tons of great single leg movement you can do with dumbbells like bulgarian SS, lunges, step-ups, pistols...


Zercher squats from a bench. I did these for 2 months while I was at a temporary gym.


Why don't you get some squat stands? They don't take up hardly and room and you could put them outside if need be. It isn't as great as a power rack, but at least you could back squat more than you can shoulder press.


some excellent suggestions there. thanks.

i have been nailing the deadlifts and lunges but i really miss a squat rack!

you would think its the first thing a gym would get but i seem to be the only person in my gym that works their legs



north wales. don't ask. bloody nightmare!


I work out at home and do a lot of barbell hack squats.


Other options I haven't tried:

the Jefferson lift (straddle the bar and lift - sort of halfway between a deadlift and a hack squat)

Use a pair of sawhorses to load up the bar and do front squats. I might get some sawhorses one of these days...


Hip belt squats


now that is old school!


i nailed my legs today:

started off with fairly light squats by shoulder pressing the bar over my head.

then did a set of heavy hack squats. i was walking like a puppet on a string after these bad boys.

also did some lunges.

thanks again for the suggestions


i like your style. i was wondering if there was something fairly simple and basic that would hold a barbell fairly high so that you can get under it in order to do squats.

i remember in the uni gym that i used last year they had some stand type apparatus that would have been perfect but i can't seem to find any on the internet.


Lumberjack squats.


one legged weighted squats or hack squats. I've been using these for a while.