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No Squat Rack

I want to get back to running 5/3/1 but have no access to a squat rack for the time being. Hoping to change that in about 6 months or so, but for now I have to make do with what I have.

Looking for advice on what to do for â??squatâ?? day. Options seem to be

Front Squat â?? will be limited to what I can clean
Trap bar Deads â?? Too similar to deadlift?
Something else?

Thanks for any advice

I see front squats viable options. Basically they are very similar to high bar squat. Just use them with high volume, since the weight will be compromised.

Just my two cents.

Just stack some strongish boxes. Use bricks/wooden blocks to stop the bar rolling off.

If you don’t have boxes, four 4x4s at lower chest height .A plank of thick ply for the top and some 2x4 screwed together to brace it all (off cuts glued to the ply to stop the bar rolling off) will set you back 25 bucks. When you get your rack you have 2 great sized boxes to jump onto. A tiny bit more work and you can make the two boxes into 6 stackable ones for different jumps

Hack squats
Single leg work
Trap bar is a fine substitute if you get your hips low
I’ve seen guys go pretty heavy on goblet squats too.

What are you benching off BTW?

Front squat using 10’s pro or 15’s pro.