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No Source Posting Petition


Posting sources is not a good idea because it draws unwanted attention to this board from both law enforcement and newbies only interested in scoring steroids.

I would suggest that if you know enough about AAS to use them properly and safely then you would not need to ask where to get steroids or if a certain lab is reputable. Ask these questions in a PM to people you know and trust.

If you are not ready for AAS (given the simple criteria above) I would suggest checking out Biotest's line of supplements here, as they are high in quality and work well. Many of the people here who use AAS also use Biotest products both during and off cycle.

This thread is a petition to ban posting full and recognizable names of sources, labs, people, etc. that sell steroids.

Please post in this manner to make it easy to keep track of your thoughts on this matter:

[i]I do/do not support this petition.

Reasons for the above opinion should follow here two lines below the above statement.[/i]


I do support this petition.

I support it for the reasons in my original post.


I support this petition as well! Through research, one can get all the info that one needs. I haven't posted very many, but I understand the ramifications that we all should worry about. It just takes time to develope friends on any boards, so anything worth having is worth waiting for!


I do not support this petition.

Sometimes naming labs/sites that get busted or they are releasing bad gear that makes your heart explode is a good thing.

I would rather see a voting system to nuke a redundant threads/bad material.

So many clicks and the thread is gone. I have seen it on other boards and it works.

my 0.02



i support this petition.

i have nothing to add to the OP's reasoning as it is complete.


I support this petition. This is a forum to discuss how to properly and safely use steroids and other drugs. Buying and obtaining sources should not be mentioned on a public forum.


I support this petition.

My support comes from my personal belief that over-publicizing AAS sources, as well as the careless posting of names, undermines the risks involved and there are many other forums where illegitimate and unethical sources are openly posted.


I also support this

Do your own friggin work. Spend time reading and learn who you can trust, then shoot them a PM using the encryption method discussed in another thread. As long as you are not a complete douche, most people will give a ya or na for said lab or product, but don't PM people to just ask for a source when you have been on here for all of 3 days.


I support this as well...Good Post...
I agree source posting is not a good idea...



I support this petition

-Although I would like a list to be out there that names the companies already busted by the feds. This way we can help keep everyone safe and thus also keeping your info safe!


I support this petition.

Naming sources is not in and of itself illegal, but it does attract unwanted attention. Not to mention the fact that for every person on here openly asking for sources, there are 2-3 scammers lurking waiting to take advantage of the uninformed.

Naming scammers is not the same as openly asking for sources.


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I do support this petition.

In addition to other reasons given by earlier posters, the posting of sources may pose a risk to health and welfare of this website. The steroids forum is a vary small part of a much larger website that additionally provides beneficial non-steroid information to people.


I support this petition.

The knowledge here is great, and it would be a shame to have a shut down occur due to source posting.

I do agree that we should be allowed to PM knowledgable vets for info on labs/sources, etc.


This is something we've seen and have a solution in place for now. We may be taking other steps in the near future, but we are already addressing this.


Thanks for the reply. I'm sure we would all (regardless of stance) appreciate any updates you may be able to give us.



Can I press you to clarify this?

And yes, I'm all for editing out sources, names of underground labs, and pics of gear from underground labs.


I do support this petition.

an idiot is an idiot.

an idiot looking for and/or taking steroids is a bigger idiot.

lets do the world a favor and prevent these idiots from ever getting their hands on this stuff.


We are monitoring for inquiries on sources in posts. When we find them, they will be deleted.


What he said.