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No Soreness At All


Now I know that soreness isnt the best indicator of a good workout or not. But I dont feel sore at all on the day after my workouts. I can run around and everything without any soreness or anything.

I take 2 servings of Whey Protein after my workouts and I stretch.

I feel I work myself very hard in the weightroom.

Am I not feeling sore because I'm only 15.5 years old? Or could there be other reasons?

And if I dont feel sore, does that mean I will see less gains?


Hahahaha, I think this has a great deal to do with it.


more soreness = huge gains, duh


Soreness doesn't equal progress, you accumulate microtrauma to your muscles evertime you workout but after a while you get used to it.

You just don't notice it, your body/mind becomes accustomed to the injuries and it's not a big deal anymore.


PLEASE don't beleive that.

Dude he's only 15.5 (rofl at the .5) years old. Most people can't detect sarcasm on the net as it is. At least I hope it was sarcasm.

Anyway, if you want pain run out in traffic. That, or dom something different in your training.


I am almost exactly the same age as you (born in November 1990) and I can assure you that I get sore from working out. This does not occur/not occur because of age.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Look it up.


Personally, I usually look at soreness as a sign that I'm not doing that exercise frequently enough. I recently gained ~30 lbs over about a 7 month period, and spent almost none of that time feeling sore.

Of course, it's good to mix things up and cycle your training parameters. This should make you a at least bit sore from time to time.


I used to feel sore when I first started my routine. That was about 5 weeks ago. Now I dont feel sore anymore. Does that mean I should change my routine?


dont worry about if you are sore or not. it makes no difference. if you are getting bigger and stronger is all that matters.


Have you been increasing the poundages each week?


Have you been increasing the poundages each week?