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No Smoking Anywhere Public




Seems pretty silly to ban it in apartments, but then again ephedra was banned everywhere and it only "killed" a handful of people and not once did anyone complain about second-hand increased-metabolism.


I can understand the apartments restricting it, but an owned residence like a condo? Seems awfully intrusive...


I can't smoke in my apartment. If I do they will more than likely keep my security deposit and re-paint the walls.

I have a hard time considering apartments and condos as being "public". Public to me is a restaurant, grocery store, or something where you don't have to ring a door bell.

I'm a cigar smoker, and aside from my balcony and cigar lounges/bars, there is almost nowhere for me to enjoy my 3-a-week stogie habit.


How did I know this was in California. Out of all the other shit to worry about, they pick smoking as the #1 public demon.

I mean, seriously people, smoking is not a healthy habit, but shit, get a life and let those who choose to smoke do so in peace, especially in their home.

(Renters/leasers, since you don't own your pad, and probably won't be there for long, the owners won't want to get the smell and stains out just to rent it out to someone else that smokes. I can understand that view.)


Yeah I'm sick of walking behind smokers and breathing their smoke in as they stand outside the entrance to buildings on the school campus. There should be designated smoke zones where all of them can congregate and destroy their bodies together, like 100+ feet away from people who want to breath clean air.


This is fucking stupid as shit. Every time I see a smoking ban it boils my blood, and this one does tenfold.


Driving over the speed limit? Make the cars "smart" enough so that this will never happen again. Ever. Need to get out of the way of another vehicle and in doing so speed up? You're shit outta luck now, with your smart car. It's so smart, it kills you.


People kill people with guns? BAN THEM IN PUBLIC PLACES. Yeah, criminals always obey those "No gun" signs.


BAN GUNS! BAN THEM ALTOGETHER! So, lets say that (and this would never happen) there are no more guns left in the world. EVERYBODY LIVES, VIOLENCE IS ENDED (because there are no other effective means to violence).


ALCOHOL! IT'S DANGEROUS! IT KILLS PEOPLE EVERY YEAR! Wait wait...actually, let that one go. We need it.


POT! OMG so dangerous! It's killed...nobody. Wait, everyone forget that it's mostly harmless at best, and as bad as alcohol at worst. BAN IT!


Monkey bars! They're DANGEROUS. Junior broke his arm when he fell from them back in kindergarten. He's emotionally scarred - for LIFE! BAN THEM AND SUE THE SCHOOLS!!!

Where the FUCK will this stop?



Does anyone know what smoking bans are like in other countries? UK, Germany, France. etc? I would assume they are far less extreme, but that's just a guess.

I watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and I'm fairly certain I see someone smoking in almost every restaurante.



From the edge of the yard out is public, but if local government wants to get any closer than that, they better duck.


Use buckshot. You can't duck that.


My thought is that this is a terribly ass-backward piece of legislation. What people do on their own property is none of the town of Belmont's damn business. What they do on the street is the town's business...yet they intrude on what people do on their own property, and back off and let them be in public? Fuck that!

Ban public smoking and let people light up in their own home! I'd be behind that for Boston, so that a law passed in the interest of public health...actually improves public health.


Belmont...Snob ass little bedroom community with a city council full of asshole busybodies sucking the tax base from people who work everyplace but there...Where first they ban smoking, they later ban your other personal freedoms, the DEA, ATF, and FBI are not far behind...Beware the slippery slope...


My state is beautiful but fucked up. The Peoples Republic of California.

On one hand excess taxes and restrictions infringe on peoples rights. On the other hand, the cost of health care for cigarette related illnesses is a drain on our health care and our tax payers. In the end someone has to pay. Do you want to forfeit more of your paycheck for someone's poor choices or would you rather have more money for rent or another tub of Surge?

BTW biggest drain on healthcare- Alcoholics and drug addicts. No that doesn't include smokers.


So true. I grew up around there. The politics and views are way out of wack for that whole area.

Hey I bet you can still smoke medical marijuana inside your apt. One thing I like about CA.


Wrong! Not with the way the bored local yokel Cops are down there, I've seen them ruthlessly jacking up anyone even remotely looking "homeless" off El Camino, god help you if any narc is on your person, even a few seeds!(Guess you missed the post about DEA hitting the MedWeed shop in S.F., again)...So, If I said "Bel-Mateo", you'd know what I was talkin' about, eh? (Heheheh)...


I think smoking should only be allowed in your own house if there are no kids around. Seeing a parent in the driver seat of a car smoking with kids in the back make me sick. I long for the day when smoking is banned in public, especially restaurants. Myself and others do not need to inhale other people's problems.


No I missed that post. What a bunch of assholes. Our tax dollars hard at work. What a waste. There are still a ton of dispensaries open in the south bay with some of the best in SF.

Its weird but the police in Hollywood, where I live, were instructed to not mess with anyone smoking weed. Its pretty cool.


I don't like a lot of people smoking, but I absolutely REFUSE to legislate away their right to destroy themselves. Heck, if I don't like walking behind some dumbass who's smoking, I'll move in front of them, or walk farther behind them, or on the other side of the street. It's not that hard. Besides, I enjoy a good cigar or pipe 3-4 times a year and I don't want people telling me what I can and can't do. It's a small price to pay to get my personal freedom to do whatever I want. I don't care if people get pissed.


Well in Nova Scotia its different from town to town....I know where I live there's been a lady fined for driving with her windows open while smoking...cant remember the exact charge but she fought it and lost....and its considered 'child abuse' to smoke with the kids in the car


First of all, banning people from smoking in their own home is ridiculous. I can understand banning it when children are also inside, or in cars with children.

As for public smoking bans, I think they have it all backwards. More people should be pushing for public bans in outdoor public spaces. If i am walking down the street, through a college campus, or walking in or out of a store, I shouldn't have to breathe in somebody's secondhand smoke, especially when you don't see it coming. I have little control over preventing this from happening to me.

However, if a store, restaurant, or bar owner wants to let people smoke in his establishment then nobody should be able to tell him the can't. As the owner it is his decision. If I don't like it, it is very easy to go elsewhere. It should be pointed out though, that bans in all restaurants/bars in a city typically boost revenue because they don't prevent smokers from going out, but they do bring in more non-smokers. Because of this, I would encourage restaurant and bar owners to agree on a deal with the other owners in their area to (voluntarily) ban smoking inside their establishments, but ultimately it is their decision.