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No Sides, Really High E2. Take an AI?

1st labs pre trt 4/22/2020

total 554

free 7

e2 41

shbg 65

labs 7/6

total >1500

free 21

e2 154

shbg 86

no side effects.

protocol 200mg per week. IM .25ml M,W,F,SA

vitamins & sups boron, dim, zinc, magnesium, vit d, vit c, fish oil, cardarine

47 years old, 5’11", 297lbs, 35% body fat

no sides no problems no ai


This is why you have no side effects.


Your SHBG is really high. At the end of the day, TRT is supposed to treat symptoms and not numbers, so if you are experiencing no symptoms, then there is no need for any AI. High E2 might cause fat gain even if you are not experiencing any immediate side effects, though.

no sides no problems no ai

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I assume you’ve found that to be true in most cases? I also assume it’s related to free e2 being lower because of the high SHBG?

My SHBG was 150, down to 70’s now, even with E2 at 73 I felt fine, though it’s come down to like 50 or so now for whatever reason. I’ve wondered why some people are fine there and some aren’t, I guess that could help explain at least one cause for the difference.

As a general statement, I would say yes. However, reading your reply got me thinking and a few guys with lower SHBG and higher E2, doing great, came to mind.