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No Sides on Tren? 19 Non-Responder?

I was on 1ml EOD of RIPPED 300 (test mast tren - 100/100/100)
I didn’t really notice any sides other than a bit of aggression for the first few weeks. this was my first cycle on tren and i didn’t really make any gains. I went from 110kg bench press (4 reps) to 6 reps of 120kg in 12 weeks. There’s a chance that the tren might of been bunk but it was definitely tested in there.

How do i know if I’m a non responder to tren?

300mg of tren should cause some response. I’ve never heard of someone not responding to tren at least a little bit. Any chance it was just bunk gear? Because that’s inconsistent with what you’d expect.

How many times a week where you pinning? 100 mg of each isnt a lot but there should have been a synergistic effect for sure, even at a low dose.