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No Showers After Practice


Gross: Florida High Schoolers Too Embarassed to Shower After Gym Class

"The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that shower stalls are staying dry in the state's public schools because students are too embarrassed to undress in front of their peers and school staff are too afraid of lawsuits if they try to force public bathing."

I guess young guys are starting to get body image issues


This isn't new. It was like this when I was a senior 4 years ago.


When I went through boot camp, the shitters had no seats and no dividers. Nothing like taking a dump and making eye contact across the head with someone doing the exact same thing. I feel sorry for these future planet fitness members.


Try working out in Atlanta at a commercial gym, where 90% of the guys are gay. Then you start being slightly more concerned about who's showering next to you.


10+ years ago it was like that when i was in highschool. I never showered either, but I only had PE as a freshman because i played sports my other years. Honestly i was still going through puberty and didn't feel comfortable being naked in front of other guys. Now i don't really have a problem with it.


This seems weird to me we never even had enough time to shower after gym class. You just end up sweaty anyway if you shower right after running around without cooling off first.


I never nor would have showered in middle or HS.

Sorry, those are not the years to be naked in front of other people, well guys that is.


LOL....in junior high and high school the girls never showered, we didn't do anything strenuous enough to warrant showering. When the junior high gym teacher insisted we shower, we would just keep our panties and bras on, slip the straps off our shoulders, wrap a towel around ourselves and just get our feet wet. In high school since the gym teacher was a known lesbian we weren't forced to take showers. And since marching band was always the first class of the day, we would always start out the day getting sweaty. Now, the guys on the other hand.....they showered whether they needed it or not after gym. And they always came out of the locker room reeking of cologne, I swear some of them used whole bottles on themselves......


The only time I remember anybody showering was this white kid that was smart enough to bring board shorts while he showered. Having Football during 4th period sucked but Wrestling during 7th period rocked. We did have a private shower for handicap people but alot of people would fight over it.


I'd go in five minutes before everyone else so I could cool down and shower (everyone would go in about five minutes before class ended, so there was no time to shower) and I would be the only one showering, but I wasn't worried about others seeing me naked, I was a big hairy beast and made others self-conscious with their hairless chests.


I played basketball every morning before in HS, had the showers to myself, wear sandals, never had any problems except that one time this guy walked in......


When I was in highschool (05-09), pretty much the only people who felt comfortable showering after P.E. class were either the football or basketball players who had seen eachother change regularly anyway. I know that a lot of people were too self conscious to shower. As a football player, I never worried about it.


Never had this issue in gym class in high school or middle school and definitely never after football, wrestling or lacrosse practice. If you DIDN'T shower we talked about you for being a dirty pig. That WAS over 20 years ago, though, so I am guessing guys have gotten more "sensitive" in the ensuing years.


Never had time after gym class.
Always took one after wrestling practice though.


Same here, no big deal. All my friends and I played hockey growing up and after about eight or nine you started to dress at the rink like the big guys do.

Towel snaps are now illegal?

The only guy we laughed at in HS gym was a dude from Chile who was hairy as fuck and looked like a small bear. He was fourteen and looked twenty lol. Right off we said dude, you gotta buy our beer for us every fri and sat night lol, guy made money buying booze for us and others, none of us looked of age but he sure did.


The idea that this is news is nonsense. The showers at my high school were NEVER used. So much so that when they were finally used, once, by a teacher who had come to school early to use the weightroom before school started, the spray from the water kicked up so much dust that the fire alarm went off (much to his embarassment.) And it seems that this is not uncommon, because when I got to college, during football tryouts, all the upperclassmen would shower after practice and all the freshmen would run back to the dorms to shower there.

'rite of passage' my ass


i only saw one kid shower at my highschool, and i played lacrosse, did track, and had gym every other day. we didnt have enough time to shower, and gym class was only 45 minutes long anyway.


This. Showering if you are still sweating is a waste of time.

Nobody would shower after PE in my school, but all the wrestlers and football players did. If they didn't, they got made fun of.

In college, my roommate freshman year wouldn't shower after football practice. Actually, he wouldn't shower EVER. I had to tell this kid when to take a shower. Un-fucking-believable. He caught so much shit from the rest of the team and guys on our floor that he transferred schools, LOL.


I don't understand why people care so much that some kids refuse to shower naked together. I mean, the entire idea of it is preposterous -- we live in a specific society where nudity is considered an intensely private thing, something to be shared with specific people, generally for intimate reasons, yet we tack showerheads to a wall in a big open room in high school and expect them to have no problem stripping.

And whoever mentioned bootcamp, did you ever go to high school? In bootcamp, you had a rigid structure, you didn't have people sneaking cell phone pics of your wang to share to the entire unit while giggling and trying to destroy you. The inside of a high school is like an entire different world -- find your place, shut your mouth, and try to survive the next 4 years, else things are going to get nasty.


Too harsh. I was a nerdy skinny kid in high school until 11th grade. I never saw anyone taking a shower at school but the guys who played football in middle school. My high school didn't even have sports and I never saw anyone take a shower there after PE...which was usually the last period of the day anyway for us so we just went home.

Kids are self conscious and always have been. Puberty is not the time in most kids' lives for complete openness. They are constantly questioning themselves and how they measure up to others.

I do think sports help this mentality though (assuming a kid is actually good at sports).

I wouldn't act as if this is something new.

The guys who did shower even in middle school were the jocks who made the rest of us look like little kids in comparison. I remember one guy on the football team who couldn't play one year because he was too old from being held back several times. This kid looked like he could be my dad and had arms the size of my waist. Of course he never felt self conscious in the locker room...but he was damn near 20.