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No Shoulders??

I have a friend of a friend who doesn’t have shoulders. Let me try to explain.

A normal person has a torso, a shoulder and then an arm. Whether the person is muscular or skinny, we all have shoulders. They may not be especially round or wide, but they exist. We are all sort of a “T” shape.

This person does not have shoulders. It is almost as if his arms are attached directly to his body. He does not have good posture, but I don’t think poor posture could be the sole cause of his extremely sloped shoulders. He is similar to an upside down “V” shape.

What could be the cause of this? Is there a medical condition that he may have? I don’t know him well enough to ask him myself, but I’m curious. Has anyone seen/heard of a similar situation?


Shoulder training

His shoulders aren’t small or untrained - they just don’t exist. Period.

can he move his arms in an up and down motion, ie can he dress himself brush his teeth etc, if he can, then he has shoulders.

although its possible to be born missing a muscle its unlikely that he would be missing both.

Is it possible that his bone structure is radically smaller than other peoples? Or does he just need to start lifting and improving his posture?

pics or it didn’t happen

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
pics or it didn’t happen[/quote]

“Hey, let me take some pictures of you to show the folks on T-Nation your weirdo shoulders.”

Pics are not likely, sorry.

[quote]TPreuss wrote:
“This person does not have shoulders…”

“…could be the sole cause of his extremely sloped shoulders.”

It could be a mix between an abnormality and poor posture. But as its been said, if he can brush his teeth, he has them. Everyone’s body is different. Im sure if it was that big of deal, he would go see a doctor.

Underdeveloped shoulders + narrow calvicals + underdeveloped back.

He looks straight up and down, like his shoulders are the same width as his waist…yes ?

The shoulders are actually pulled foward due to undeveloped muscles and poor posture.

The are rotated forward.

If he were to put on 50 pounds you would see the shoulders get pushed out by the lats, and the shoulder muscles themselves forming that normal shape.

The shoulders are there, but they are narrow, and “folded” in due to lack of back muscle to hold them. But they are there.

I know who looked EXACTLY like that in highschool, hes now much wider than a normal lifter. By looking at him it looks like he literally doubled his shoulder width

Westclock - thank you!