NO-Shotgun and His Friend

Just wanted to know if NO-Shotgun and NO Xplode actually sucked that much? And if so, why?

Are they both equal or would one be better than the other? Again, Why?

I’d like to have smart answers, not the “cause BSN sucks” type of answers.

(no im not talking any of these product and i’m not planning on taking them either)


-Nitrous products have been proven not to work. There are some articles around here… look them up

-Expensive considering the cheap products it contains

-Kitchen Sink approach… just throw everything into a preworkout supp… something has to work.

-Most are loaded with caffeine, which some people don’t like.

-A lot of people complain about getting the shits.

-BSN sucks.

by all means buy from a company that has no ethics at all and will sell products that don’t contain what they say it contains