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No Shave November


Who is doing no shave November to bring awareness to prostate cancer?

Rules are simple
1) Grow facial any type of facial hair pattern (eg: Go with mustache cannot shave mustache for whole month of November)
2) If shaven before Dec 1st you have to go swimming in the nearest body of water

Let the dirty stashes begin.


Movember, baby! I rock a stash.


you are all mustache wannabe's

A real man grows a mustache whenever he feels like it, not just in November.




I can't stand having more than a few days growth normally, but I'm making an exception for this month.

The only question is which style to go for.


I didn't realize this was for prostate cancer awareness. I've only ever seen it on promoted on Facebook by drunkard college students.

I look good in a full beard (but much older) but one of my jobs requires employees to be clean shaven except for mustaches. I don't look good with just a stache, however. Good luck gentlemen!


it's only a month man. grow that shit!

I guess I'll do no shave November... I generally let it grow out anyways but there's a point where I look stupid as shit. I guess I'm gonna look stupid as shit for a couple of weeks.

I'm also doing no haircut January-December 2012. Yep.


I spent October growing a beard so I could shave it down into a mustache for November.


I would, but I have some internship interviews this month ... maybe after they're over I'll join the facial hair train


Already rockin a stache.


Nov. is the only time this man feels like it.


I think I look bad in a mustache so I will use this month for the growing. Mine usually last 5 days till I shave. Even then it's barely nothing. I'm pretty sure it's for the awarness of prostate cancer. Those kids in college forget the real reason why to grow one in November.

Will post pic in months time.


Same here. However, I'm considering shaving it off... when I get that haircut in matter of days.

(Iron Dwarf has severe jitters about this prospect).



I thought it was any type of mustaches, not a full beard. I'm growing a mustache for the month.



I`m in :slightly_smiling:

I post a pic in 3 weeks when there is something there haha..( yes bad facial hair growth on me )


An easy way to raise money and have a good time with it is to start a Movember pool.

We got 15 friends together, all chipped in a few dollars, and come the end of the month, we get a panel of judges to vote on the best stache. Winner gets beer, and the rest goes to the Movember foundation to promote prostate cancer awareness.

Check it out: http://www.movember.com/


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I was already doing this every month, so why not again.


No you wont.

Dont forget, its no shave November.

Technically, your balls would have to remain unshaven too.


I'm like a week in. I just decided to grow it out before I start full time work. Its dirtbag looking right now, and I'll have the patchiest, most filthy, thinnest beard ever.

I have a first date on Saturday, too. I have no idea how I'm going to pull it off.