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No Sex Drive, Weak Erections: High or Low Estrogen?

What’s going on guys. I’m going to cut right to it: I have no libido, loss of erections/morning wood (if I do manage to get an erection/morning wood it’s very weak and doesn’t last long. I don’t even get hard watching porn!), a little more fatigue than normal (getting out of bed in the mornings is a drag/don’t jump out of bed like I used to a few months ago), motivation/pumps in the gym have slightly declined too. I still feel okay overall but no where near as great as I did a few months ago and I would like to have some fun with the wife again!
Are my symptoms more on the high or low Estrogen side? I know you guys aren’t doctors and I’m getting bloodwork soon but just want to confirm. Appreciate it!

On trt?

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Both. What is your protocol and how long have you been on it?
Did you have ED and libido issues before TRT?
Do you take and SSRI or benzo?

We may not be doctors, but we can be more helpful than your average doctors. You issues might be multiple factor of low E2 which can be do to low Free T, we convert Free T–>E2. You could have low Free T and high E2.

Your symptoms are hitting on all the classic symptoms of a testosterone deficiency, you may not be low enough to get TRT approved by your insurance, but that only means you’ll need to go private to get your TRT since the insurance companies make it difficult for you to get coverage for a lifelong treatment.

If insurance denies you TRT, you’ll hear your doctors say something like, “you’re levels are normal and in range and I’m not recommending TRT at this time”. The low T cut off point for TRT is BS, no studies were used in determining these arbitrary cut off point to be considered for TRT.

Don’t forget about thyroid, it seems testosterone gets all the attention.

We will need Total T, Free T, estrogen and SHBG at a minimum.

@luidox33 Yes on TRT

@hrdlvn sorry should of mentioned I’m on TRT (its been a little over 2 years now). Did not have libidio or ED issues before TRT. Did not take SSRI or Benzo. 300mg cypionate once a week, no Arimidex is my current protocol at a low T clinic.

This is why I’m so confused because like you said, my symptoms could be with high or low.

Post labs bro. Guys like systemLord and studhammer can really help you.

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@systemlord my bad I thought it was assumed but I’m on TRT already. Does that change things? My protocol is 300mg once a week, no Arimidex

Its March 26th, the last blood work back on Feb 1st showed (bloodwork was done 1 Feb on trough day, got the results a week later):

Total T: 1058
SHBG: 27.69
Free T: 28.5
E2: 62.48

Whats your injection protocol? Just curious. Posting labs and delivery protocol will help you the most here. It also helped me to search key phrases on this site and excel male. Research goes a long way. :slight_smile:

Im a newb here. Just started TRT. No “mojor” labido issues yet, but there are protocol formulas to play with that can fix that if it happens. Have hope.

These guys here are super generous in their knowledge. My advise is absorb. :slight_smile:

How old are you??

Ha, these guys will correct me if im wrong. Seems like E2 might be your problem. Shit thats high weekly dose. These guys will know best.

I started at 140-150 a week injecting subq twice a week at 75mg. Iv read low dose and high frequency of injection per week can solve alot of this kind of stuff AND can put your total even higher if you can believe that. Your SBHG is super low. Seems like you need frequent weekly injections. Again im not expert but i am echoing what iv read here on this site.

Im injecting with a tiny 31g 6mm needle into my belly fat. Painless. Takes time to fill the syringe but worth it for the comfort. I did nearly 4 years of reading on methods so that i could get the best result at the start. So far, 2 weeks in, feel ok. Better than the 4 years i was on clomid. Lol

Also, iv read its best to never go on an AI. Better to reduce dose and increase injection frequency. I was on an AI while on clomid. I was moody, bitchy, tired all day, very little interest in sex. Got off, bam, fixed,…mostly. My E2 was single digits.

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You have a lot of room to move your T dose down. The top of the Free T range is 18 if you can get your Free T 16-18 range your E2 should drop without taking an AI.

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Did you feel this way when those labs were done?

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There’s your problem, these large infrequent doses cause testosterone and estrogen spikes, you need multiple injections per week to minimize the spikes and get E2 under control. Two shots a week may not be enough, I recommend smaller injections twice weekly or every 2 days to lower E2.


@hardartery yeah I felt the same symptoms but its slowly gotten more noticeable.

Got it. Also, should I lower my overall weekly dose?

It may be E2 related. Changing our shot frequency may or may not help. It may actually make things worse. The logical course of action would be to lower your dose, and don’t change anything else yet. Go down to 250 and see where you are in a couple of weeks OR take something to lower your E2, like DIM or Zinc (I’m not convinced this will do anything for you but Zinc supposedly helps some people) or a very small dose of an AI, like 1/4 pill or 1/8 pill of anastrozole twice a week. Make only one change at a time.

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And, FWIW, your protocol is not bad. You will note some responses are cut and paste to every problem on here. If all you have is a hammer everything kinda looks like a nail.


@hardartery I like that hammer/nail analogy lol. Really appreciate your response and approach to my situation and will give it a shot!

I had the same issue with super high free t. I dropped my dose and everything came back. Try 100 x 2 a week.

LESS IS MORE. :slight_smile:

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DIM is very effective guys have crashes there e2 with this.