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No Sex Drive, Low Free T?


20 yr old male
6 foot 4
215 lbs.

Ever since about a year ago I noticed a huge decline in my sex drive and my lifting. At the gym, I haven't been getting the same "pump" that I am used to getting and it has gotten extremely hard for me to build muscle and lose fat like I used to. I used to be a gym rat but now the gym feels like a waste of time because it doesn't feel the same.

My sex drive is basically non existent to the point that i have to force myself to masturbate and erections are never full or completely hard. No morning wood either. Back in high school I played football and suffered a lot of concussions that ultimately ended my playing career. I then suffered another concussion about 3 months after I started feeling these symptoms too. I have read online that concussions can cause pituitary issues that can also cause these symptoms.

I feel energized most of the time and my total testosterone seems to be in range, but I feel as if the problem may lie with my free testosterone because those numbers seem to be in the lower ranges. My gynecomastia has also increased somewhat since I have started to feel these symptoms too.

Ultimately, I am the kind of guy who is used to living life at a fast pace. I enjoy lifting and playing sports and I also enjoy the ladies too but in the past year I haven't been able to do these things that I love.

The last endocrinologist said everything was in range and the urologist that I saw said everything looked okay too. I am seeing a new endocrinologist in 2 weeks who I am praying will help solve my problem. My lab result numbers are in the image column below. Do you guys think it could be the fact that my SHBG levels are high? or that it could have anything to do with my LH or FSH levels? Any advice or explanation would be a huge help.

ALSO - my thyroid is supposedly working completely fine according to the doctor. Could it be that I have high estrogen levels?



I cannot open that attachment. Best to put labs in the post with ranges too.

If LH/FSH are low, could be pituitary. If high, your testes are the problem.

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Younger males should also test prolactin if LH/FSH are low.

Thyroid ranges are useless. These are optimal:
TSH nearer to 1.0
T3, T4, fT3, fT4 near mid range
Labs of TSH, fT3, fT4 are what should be done.

Check your overall thyroid function:
Get oral body temperature when you first wake up. 97.7-98.8 are good, a bit higher is good too.
If 93.3 or lower, that is a definite problem.
Also check 98.6 mid-afternoon
Thyroid levels can be messed up by not using iodized salt.
More info in thyroid basics sticky.


LH Serum - 4.3 1.5-9.3 range miU/ml

FSH Serum- 2.0 1.6-8.0 range miu/ml

TSH - 2.31 .40-4.5 range miu/ml

T3 - 3.4 2.3-4.2 range pg/ml

T4 - 1.2 .8-1.8 range ng/dl

Prolactin 14.6 2.0-18.0 range ng/ml

SHBG 37 10-50 nmol/l range

Albumin 4.9 3.6-5.1 range


Lab data for E2 [estradiol] would be useful. It might be increasing SHBG, reducing FT while exaggerating TT by increasing T+SHBG which is not bio-available.

The problem is clearly in the secondary hypogonadism camp.

Prolactin is definitely elevated and that can also reduce LH/FSH.

TSH is too high. Have you been using iodized salt?
Please post temperatures.
If temperatures are low, looking at fT3, rT3 may be elevated and adrenal fatigue issues need to be considered.

Your hematocrit is definitely high relative to your T levels, especially for your age, and TRT would create hematocrit problems. You should have a closer look at an iron profile. Do not use supplements or foods [cereals] that list iron. Try donating blood and see if you feel better.


My diet is very normal. I eat healthy 8 out of 10 times and I do not take any supplements either so I wouldn’t think that I would be getting too much iron. I will look into it though. Also, if I was to test my fT3, rT3 and estradiol levels would I be able to do that without a referral at a lab? and if I was able to, would those results be accessible by July 30 when I meet with my Endo? or should I just wait to see what he has to say?


You cannot order your own scripts. But there are on-line services that will do that for you. One is lef.org, but go to labcorp.com and see if there is lab station near you. Others may suggest other lab sources.



they use Quest for testing, which I found to be much more reliable than LabCorp


Do you live at high altitude? That might explain that hematocrit level. You’d definitely want to consider a daily baby aspirin to help with your thick blood. I think that’s helped in my regimen for erection quality among other treatments.