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No Sex Drive After Winstrol Cycle

im 22 and have just finished my first cycle 50mg winstrol shot ed for 7 weeks
im on the pct right now but after following 10 days clomid 100mg / 40mg nolvadex still my sex drive is dead!
Anyways has this happened to anyone? what should i do?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Cheers in advance

You ran winstrol solo?


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest it might have nothing to do with the winstrol but more likely the clomid you are now taking.

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Drop the Clomid. I think the days of duel SERM pct are coming to a close. More and more anecdotes are piling up about the effectiveness (and relatively low side effects) of Nolva solo.


yes I only ran winstrol
any suggestion?

ok i ran Nolva only
but how mg per day and how long?

Yes next time run test with it. Your HPTA was shut down from the winstrol meaning little to no testosterone. Further winstrol does not aromatize to E2 so you basically are sitting there with out test or E2 both which are critical to libido.


its very Unpleasant with no sex drive and now im depress…
nolva solo can reset HPTA?
what should i do with my pct?

Run the Nolva for 40 for a total of 14 days, then another 14 at 20.

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Listen to Iron. It will take time which I know sucks. After 6-8 weeks you should notice improvement.

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You seem knowledgeable, can i get some adivce? Im 21, and I feel like some good advice can really get me on the right path when it comes to my situation with gear in the past. Appreciate anything thanks m8.

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Yeah man, fire away.

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Long story short, an old friend i met in college introduced me to gear. He knew a lot when it came to this stuff so i trusted him. Hes done multiple cycles and really gets after it in the gym. He told me just to spot him the money and he would take care of everything else. He had a legit source, would get it shipped to his place, and had sticks for me to use. Before the cycle i feel i should tell you about my gym experience. I lifted for 3-4 years but the workouts were more sports related stuff for baseball. I was 19 around 6’2 pushing 6’3, and around 190 lbs. If theres anything else i should be mentioning ask away and ill answer. So i start my cycle with my friend whos actually staring his too. I did test c for my cycle. I ran it for 12 weeks. I would pin 250 of test on mondays and fridays. I was lifting about everyday, really focusing on my lower half for the cycle. So heres a side note. My friend always had that mentally of a hardass idk how to explain, and he also always argued with his ex who was in another state. We knew to give him his space or he wouldnt talk to anyone when he got pissed. But anyways throughout the cycle i didnt have bad side effects but my nipples got a little puffy around week 7 but nothing crazy. He gave me 1\2 of a pill for like a week and it went right back down no problem. But he never mentioned abyrhing about needing that stuff during the cycle. I was making great gains btw. So by the time im ready to come off cycle, me and my friend have grown distant due to how distant he started becoming. So he tells me when i finish my last pin, to take 2 weeks off then he will get me pct to start running. 4 weeks go by after my last pin and i finally get the “pct”. He gave me these capsules that came in a bottle with the label scratched off, and i had a feeling he just put some generic shit in there, and i guess he did. I take the stuff like he said and it didnt help. My nipples flared out, i lost alot of gains and got that thick pudgy look versus on being lean and more built. My diet wasnt bad and i was still lifting too. My sex drive was low and i seemed to have no energy. I told him but he didnt seem to care. So for a really long time I just wasnt having sex with my girlfriend much and i felt tired all of the time. Also mentally i just wasnt there like I was before, like my moods and happiness. I was like that for over a year i feel like. Now its gotten a little better with the sex and moods but my nipples are puffy still. I want to know if theres anything i can to help fix my nipples now. For the past year and a half my workouts have been good and consistent and i track my macros. I’m proud of the gains ive made since my “downfall” but its taking so long to see results. I know its a shit show of a story but mannnnn any advice wouldnbe greatly appreciated. I havent been able to reach out to anyone about this, so im happy finally in this position to get legit answers and advice from you and the internet fam. Thanks again.

That’s brutal. Just absolutely gut-punch brutal. And look, it’s fashionable nowadays to say “don’t trust anybody” but that’s a shitty way to go through life. You have to trust somebody sometimes. You did that and it burned you. Hopefully it doesn’t leave you cynical. Now onto the other problems…

Get some SERMs. Normally I’m not one to recommend Clomid, because I think Nolva is a better alternative. That being said, get some Clomid. Doctors use it for monotherapy when TRT is not a first line treatment. You should be able to run it at a moderate dose for 4-6 weeks and see if you can get some of your natural test back up to speed. In your case you’re not looking for a full restart, since it’s been so long. But the protocol for you is going to look a lot like a pct nonetheless. Get some Nolva or Ralox for the nipple puffiness. Either of those two should help, though Ralox has a better reputation anecdotally for that specific issue. You shouldn’t have to take Ralox for very long to see some improvement.

Before you do anything you must get blood work done. You need a baseline. You have the symptoms of low testosterone. You have the external event that would cause low testosterone (cycle with no pct is sort of a giveaway in the medical history). You need to see how low you are, how out of whack your e2 is, and how bad (or not bad) your other numbers are. Once you have that you can run this monotherapy/pct hybrid for a month or more. Then get blood work again and see where you are. It will be a lot of annoying little things that cost you money. But the payoff of getting back to full health is worth it.


Before i say anything, thank you man. I finally now have a gameplan about this whole situation. Means alot man, dont have any peers to get guidance from or advice about anything so this is nooooice. Anyways, im going to call my primary doctor "who ever it is on my insurance card " and set up an appointment. Im assuming i can see the doc, ask for blood work, and tell him ive been low on energy and not as focused mentally for the past year. Hoping for the doc to agree with a blood work script. Should i go about it another way? So if it works, my insurance helps enough, and i get to the lab. What do i asked to be tested, i dont wanna sound like a jackass lol. Can i just say i want to check my testosterone and my e2 levels or will they just know immediately i ran a cycle lol. Some advice about that process would be cool. In the meantime its going to tough finding Clomid and Ralox thats real. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help g. Ill update with my blood work summary next, who knows how long itll take though.

You can pay for the labs out of pocket if you want. Usually the places that do pre-employment drug screens, also do blood work (labcorp is an example).

I would get free test, e2, LH, FSH and prolactin. Sometimes they have a pre-trt lab selection that includes all of the mentioned labs. I would guess you can get everything privately through labcorp for under $300.

Another option would be to do a restart with a trt clinic. I work with Defy for trt stuff, but they do restarts too. You can buy the labs from them discounted. Additionally, paying for a consultation with them (~ $200) with them would be worth it. They will analyse all your blood work, and will start you on a pct that is based on your blood work, not just guessing.

You can also get your meds through them, and I bet they are cheaper or about the same price compared to underground (test through them is ~ $70ish per 10 mL bottle for reference).

In your situation the best route might be just to be honest with your doctor. Their job is to help you not judge you or report you to law enforcement. If what you have is a medical condition that needs to be treated it doesn’t matter how you got there they will treat it and then everything should be covered under your insurance depending on your coverage.

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70$ is pretty high for a ugl. I pay roughly 35$ for a 10ml 300mg/ml bottle. Granted all ugl have different price but anything ugl generally will tend to be cheaper than pharma grade

I can get UGL for $40 for 10 mL of 250 mg/mL Test E at the gym.

However, online sources seem to be a bit more.

$70 is not bad considering you know exactly what you are getting.

I guess my point is you could probably buy nolva, clomid, adex online for a bit cheaper, but legit stuff probably is not significantly more (if you can get a script).

Very true if you get online from a clear web source it tends to be coming from over seas that’s the only risky part there and ya it is closer to 60-70