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No SERM Post Cycle

Ok so heres my problem, i started a cycle od est’s propadrol, methyl-e and hemadrol a few weeks back. i have two weeks left on it, i had planned on using a serum for post cycle. I have done a few aas cycle before and prohormones and always used nolvadex, its the best. For reasons out of my control i just found out i cant use a serum for this cycle, now im kinda freakin out. So ive been looking at none serum post cycle like 6-oxo, and rebound-xt, etc. but not sure how this stuff works for a post cycle, what else to stack with it, how much to take, or if it even works. what ive read is i should take
week one-75mg rebound-xt and 600mg 6-oxo
week two 50mg rebound-xt and600mg 6-oxo25
week three 25mg rebound-xt and 400mg 6-oxo
week four 25mg rebound-xt and 200mg 6-oxo

not sure how reliable the source was though. So i need some help guys and quick from some one who has more knowledge of non serum pct.thanks.

Oh yeah does anyone know how long that shit stays in your system (prop, methyl-e and hemadrol) cant seem to get a straight answer on it cuz i know it will make you fail a drug test and im getting tested in like two months

I believe you need to provide us with a better reason for not being able to acquire a proper SERM.

Lol did you seriously type the word ‘serum’ instead of SERM three separate times?

Find a research chem site and do PCT the proper way.

Why did you start the cycle without having all of the necessary drugs in your possession?

Why can’t you order from a chem research in the US?

I have nolvadex in my posestion, but i am getting tested in about two months like i said, and i have been told that novaldex will show up on a test. why is that not true??

Oh, now I understand your problem. Maybe someone knows of a workaround with something that will be out of your system faster than nolva? I am not sure how long Nolva can be detected for?

Did you not check the detection times for such ‘supplements’ before use due to being tested?

If you had anything about you at all you would have allocated enough time to run a proper cycle (AAS preferably, that will have given more, for less) and ran a proper PCT - without you are not only likely to lose the gains you made while suppressed, but possibly lose more than that depending on the actions of the ‘supps’ in question.

Anyway, it is done now.

I would get searching now, on the chemical names of the products you have - they will be easy to find - and then you should find detection times (if there are ANY yet for those PH’s) soon enough.
To get you going - 6-OXO is 4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione, and it is banned by the WADA, i cannot find any data on its half life or detection time - so i wouldnt risk it personally.

Tamoxifen has a half life of 5-7 days, so will likely still have metabolites after 1 month, but at just 20mg/day you MAY be able to get away with it after 2mth. Look into that.

If you find out you can use it - then something like tribulus would be of better use than nothing, however i dont think it really does increase Test levels, just libido. When used in conjunction with Maca, Tadalafil and horny goat weed they all will help desire, erection strength and ejaculation volume to make recovery more comfortable even if no more effective.

This is all i can help (if you call it that!) but i know Westclock knows his PH’s… and i think Maddy D does too, so maybe they will pitch in.


thanks brooke i know i should ofnlooked his up before but i didnt think thedug tet im taking included steriod testing. I am currently trying to become a police officer and i know i will be drug tested nkt sure if it includes for roids. If it does im not sure whqt they test for, do you think if i just told them what i was on sense it is legal that it would benok if it came up in a test? sorry for errors in this response writing it quickly on my phone at work

Well - i dont think it should be a problem mate - as long as it is legal, what can they be bothered about?

And as long as you can spell when they test that, you’ll be fine… :wink: