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No Running on the Playground

This is stolen from FARK


Oh my God, what could possibly be next?

“we don’t encourage the game of tag because it encourages fights.”
-Mike Miller


This makes me angry … relatively. Our own school has outlawed tag. I could not believe it when my kids came home and told me! Surely they misunderstood, but no! It is a basic primal instinct to play tag! How can they forbid it! Now, I tell you that tag still happens on the playground… it just isn’t called tag. It is spider zombies chasing the …whatever.

The person in this article says tag is outlawed because it causes fights. Wrong! It is the bitterness and conflicted nature in the little monsters that causes fights! It will spill out no matter what they are playing. Taking away tag solves nothing. So, why not take away the only play time that they have during a boring day of study? That makes sense. Remove their play time so that they will be monsters in the classroom.

I tell you, the safety activists have more time than sense. Followed to the logical end, the safest thing they could do is tie the kids to a tree like a dog. Kids in constructive play will hurt themselves - the end. But the next time, they know better. They need to learn judgement skills.

I tell my kids all the time that play helps them be strong. What is the phrase? Large motor skills? Play is part of the kid’s natural development. HARD play! The kids NEED to play hard, run, and find creative things to play on the playground. Let the kids PLAY! Let the kids PLAY!

(rant over …deep breath)Whew!

I’m pretty sure health risks will kill more kids later in life than this. Hell, keep you kids out of cars, because there are alot more than 200,ooo injuries and 17 vehicular related deaths each year.

Wait, can’t feed kids solid food, they could choke and die, that’d be serious. And what about…PENCILS! They could use those to slaughter each other in brutal pencil melees, ban those too.

Clearly there is only 1 solution, ban EVERYTHING, its for the kids you know.