No Rower or Bike for Hard Body Training for Women

I’m deployed to a location with a limited amount of workout equipment available. However, I have quite a bit more time (and far less distractions) to focus on PT out here, and my plan is to execute the Hard Body Training for Women program to the best of my ability.

I should be able to do 90% of HBT for Women with what’s around (free weights). However, I’m missing the following equipment:

  • Bike
  • Rowing machine
  • Medicine balls
  • Leg curl/extension machine

Here’s what I was thinking for substitutions:

  • Bike sprint: Burpees, jump rope (aiming for speed to mimic the ‘sprint’)
  • Rowing machine: running sprints, box jumps
  • Medicine balls: ?
  • Leg curls: KB swings or good-mornings
  • Leg extensions: variation with a dumbbell or leg presses

Any other ideas that would more accurately replace those exercises?

Other equipment available:

  • Box for box jumps
  • Punching bags (they look like they’re in pretty rough shape, but might be serviceable)
  • Jump rope
  • Cable machine
  • TRX
  • Small (less than 20m) pool