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NO-Roids for Thought


I have read numerous threads, about how "I like this" or " I dont like that". roids this roids that. Well let me tell you all a little something big.

Oh and I have some questions, for yall.
IM an amatuer, of course Ive been power lifting/Weight training on a regular basis, I've had fabulous results,, my program is working, Because Im working it. No Drugs in my body Yet!! Im 172 lbs Lean as can be an some mass in certain areas, my goal is to be 195 lbs lean mass and density,

I have worked hard to get where I am, and Ive chosen the right plan to get there, Its HArd, tough even, and at time I wonder why I put my body through so much pain. Why am I not on roids yet, I spend enough on supplements alone,

Whey...............22$ Every two weeks
Universal Sterol complex-.......25$ every two weeks.
Multi vitamins.........12$
Liquid mass anabolic........30$
because stroids can kill you Ive chosen suplements, and boy I'll tell u I give 200%percent im b basement!,make
I'v seen reprocussions from roids gone bad, Im not sure I want to play with fire yet.., now Im not sayen you cant do them in a correct or safe manner, hell, im not knocken them at all, In fact Im going to be starting a cycle, but its not roids its called GROTH FACTOR-1 any one heard of it. also some other testosterone enhancers.
MOral >>> Stay as natural as you can for as long as you can, ans if you are roiding, Be the best beast you can be and rip down the walls, but be safe guys, be safe.

Now ??? Do you think tradeing off high reps less set to HIgh sets less reps week to week is advise able for a tone and bulk. I'm trying this now week to week, im in my seconf week of it/ its working, but I dont know if I should keep doing it. am i waisting my time.


Never thought I'd feel like saying this, but TUBE STEAK BOOGIE.


I'm confused. In another thread, you said you have used steroids in the past. Here you say you don't want to use them "yet". Which is it?

Plus, That's an awful lot of money on supplements. Too much for my wallet. Good for you, I guess, if you feel you are getting your money's worth.


It's hard to say exactly how different people will respond to different load/set/rep schemas. The best thing to do is closely monitor changes in circumfrence of the muscles and strength compared to allready established max's.
Some people do respond very well to low rep/high set parameters. Let us know how it goes.


You're spending too much on creatine. Unless somehow you can utilize 2lbs/month.

How much glutamine are you using? I've found, and the research has found, it to not really have much of an effect unless you take in an extra 40 or so grams per day. I save it for very intense periods and for winter months (to help with immune function) Unless you're doing that, you're paying too much for glutamine too :slightly_smiling: 3.6lbs for 44$ is about right for very high quality glutamine. $36 for 5lbs of creatine, pharmaceutical grade, is what you should be paying there, too.

That's a lot of whey you're using - what does your whole food diet look like? $6.46/lbs for a good whey isolate is about right there as well.

What's a universal sterol complex?

What's a liquid mass anabolic?

As far as changing up volume/intensity parameters, yes, change them up periodically. I'd use a set of parameters for 3-5 weeks, have a deloading period, then have a new set of parameters designed to meet your goals.

Looks like you've put in some hard work (saw your pic thread), keep it up.



Dude -

you are 5'11 and 172. That is skinny. Too skinny. Quit buying all that crap you are currently using, and buy some damn food. $20-something bucks a month for creatine? Somebody is bending you over.

Nice progress to get from the 140's to the 170's, though.

I don't know how old you are - you seem to be pretty young with a ton of natural potential yet to be realized. Eat big. Lift big. Repeat.



Maybe you mean IGF-1.

But I'm willing to bet, based off the stupid supplements you're using, that you're about to start taking some worthless pill, hoping that it will give you muscles. Quit reading bodybuilding magazines. They fill your head with garbage. Buy lots of food, and maybe some protein, creatine, and ZMA. I can buy two months of useful supplements for your monthly bill.

4 Low-Carb Grow!
2 Surge (I'd actually use about 2.5)
2 Power Drive

And then I'd have $10 left to go buy a CD. Or put towards that half container of Surge.

Why would you put so much effort into something without RESEARCHING?? It took me less than a week from when I started training to find this site (because I was reading as much as I could), and only maybe one more week to realize that other sites are shit, and this one is THE shit. Read the articles here, and put the knowledge to use. And save some freaking money. $200 per month on supplements is way too much.

And stay away from chemicals. You haven't been training long enough to even be adding many supplements. Stick with the basics. Heavy iron, great nutrition, lots of food, adequate rest, and THEN some protein powder, creatine, and ZMA. Maybe Power Drive if you feel you need the CNS boost.



You sir are an idiot.

And you are wasting our time.



OUCH! i hope you attain your goals sometime in the next 10 to 15 years without spending a small fortune. consider increasing your quality calories and stop with all the bs supplements. there are some really good supplements, but if you are not super rich, then stop it. a good whey protien and a multi vitamin is about all i do. granted there are times in the year i'll use some l-glutamine or other bcaa, but my goals are different than most peoples. and supplewments that claim to be "just like steroids" are a joke. if you take these you get ripped off and mind as well get the real stuff and see real results. i'm not saying you should take steroids, because they are not for everyone, but stop wasting your money. send it to me, i'll waste it for you!


no then.......what did i do with my dart full of XXXXX.......christ almighty......it has evaporated whilst i was reading this.....

the moral of the story.......

screw it....no moral...just a waste of time



If this was satire, you've failed. Not funny.

If you were serious, I would advise finding a supplement that helps with spelling/grammar. You come off like a fucktard.


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moral of the story stay off drugs kids.

i dont think you made one coherent sentence pal.


This is a complete waste of everyone's time. On another thread, Strokomaster was doling out horrible advice to a guy asking about roids(just look it up, he's only posted a few times), and then he claimed that he gained 30lbs natural over 7 months, but in the same thread he also said he started out taking 50mg dbol a day for two months straight, and now he's supposedly all natural, never touched a steroid in his life. Which is it? How can you say on one thread that you took dbol for 2 months straight, and then on this thread blatantly say you have never taken roids? Troll or dunce, you decide.


what a cluster-fuck this guy is.....i can understand and tolerate newbie type questions in our forum....but this, this is the most incoherent mass of jibba-jabba i've ever read through.

please fuck off.


Wait, dbol is all natural, right? I thought I had some growing in my garden...


Jibba-jabba. Nicely played.


What the fuck was that about? I've read it twice and can't quite figure out what he is asking.

First you brag about being "natural," then you say roids are too risky, then you say you may try them.

I try not to be harsh when posting advice or comments but....what the fuck are you saying? Please...rethink your post...post again...leave out your rambling about being natural and hard working....AND ASK A FUCKING QUESTION!

How about we all just go over to the "ass worship" thread and forget all about this one!


Whey...............22$ Every two weeks
Universal Sterol complex-.......25$ every two weeks.
Multi vitamins.........12$
Liquid mass anabolic........30$



I stopped reading this post after the "steroids can kill you comment." Most people in society are sheep and will conform to whatever the majority believes. Is it true that steroids used over long periods of time can be hazardous to your health? Yes. Is it true that if you were to inject several large air bubbles into a vein you could die? Yes (although most people using steroids will hopefully know that they are intramuscular and not intravenous). But the comment "steroids can kill you" is simply ignorant. Furthermore, why would you spend so much money on supplements and not eating food instead?