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No Results from Quattro Dynamo


I'm now late in the second week of Chad Waterbury's Quattro Dynamo (it's a 3-week program) and have seen zero results. My diet has been fine - generally good...protein, high calorie intake, etc...But, I have seen zero changes in how I look and haven't seen much in terms of strength increases either.

Has anyone done this program? Should I be seeing some results? Any tips?

Furthermore, is it really reasonable of me to be expecting results on a 3-week program?




The programs that the authors on T-Nation provide or suggest do not work for everyone, obviously. The only way to create a program that WILL definately work for you is to personalize it. I would only take the programs on this site as suggestions and examples of balanced routines that HAVE WORKED for their clients. If you're not getting results or don't have confidence in the program you're doing by the end of the 2nd week then definately revise it or, in this case, I would post on CW's locker room and type out your log/mood/etc.


To the OP and L4L, you want to re-think/alter/abandon programs before 14 days have passed because you're not getting "results"?

What do you realistically expect to happen in less than 14 days?


I would eat a little more, finish it out and see if you don't get something out of the deload after the three weeks.


Maybe you forgot about this part from the article?

"I want you to perform this program for three weeks straight. After the third week, rest a full five days before returning to another program. This rest period will allow for more compensation (muscle growth) to occur. When you undergo your next program, your recovery levels will be supercharged."

Wait till you finish a program to see any results, especially one as short as Quattro Dynamo. Also, you need to keep in mind the sleep, food and supplement guidelines for this program too. If you aren't following those don't expect great results.

Hope you do see some results though. =]


Good call, man. Thanks for the advice. I posted on Chad's locker.


It's a 3-week program, man.


Good call, man. Thanks. I will up food consumption.


Another thing, not saying you're guilty of it but I know I was at one point, but alot of people seem to use Chad's admonishment to leave a few reps in the tank to sandbag their sets. Make no mistake, you should still be working hella hard to finish these workouts! You should probably be straining to finish by the end of your sets.

Incidentally, I know QD was probably the most gut wrenching program I ever did, made me want to hurl pretty much every time.


Exactly. Ride it out.


Well, see the thing is I'm not familiar w/the program like I said. However, I'm going by the general rule of thumb, on mostly any program out there, that the idea is to have goals every new session of "beating" what you did the last session wether it be increasing reps, inscreasing load, or time under tension.

I don't care what anyone says--if you're not confident in a program after 2 weeks and you're not seeing expected results, don't continue.

-You can ask anyone who knows anything about, what I consider quality training, the only way to create an optimal "training effect" is to design a personalized program. I'm not down playing some of the great programs that are available on T-Nation, because, for me, they serve as great examples of balanced and effective program design.