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No Results from Creatine Mono


i just bought creating i taking it now for a month ,
i really feel nothing i take it all the time in the morning i didnt get any weight from the creatine ( water to muscles)
and i didnt notice any improvement in my strengh,
so i have some questioin

  1. everyone say something else some say take whenevere u want some post workoute some pre workoute i am confusion and dont know what to do
    is it possible that if i will start take it pre workoute i will start feeling it ?

2.if i am not responder to creatine hoe bad it is ? someone with the same genetic as me with creatine will get bigger than me in less time ?

3 . is it proven that some ppl doesnt respond to creatine or myth?

  1. if guys doesnt respond is the meaning that he still has alot creatine in the body and doesnt need more ?
    ty guys its suck when u get non responde to someone what can help u


all that matters with creatine is that it get's saturated in your system. Meaning that yuo have to be consistent when you take it. Most people do loading phases, or at least that was the thing to do since creatine monohydrate became big. I would not recommend a loading phase. The only benefit that I can see with creatine is that it can help you feel out heavier weights.

The "gain 8 pounds in 7 days" sticker that it has on the cellmass tubs and other products are true to an extent, you will gain a lot of water weight, and you will look bigger. But it rarely makes a large impact. If you are training and eating correctly, you don't need creatine, but I'm sure there is a small benefit to taking maybe 5grams a day for a while. This is just my opinion


ty man very much,


  1. take it whenever you want, but for optimal efficiency combine it with an insulin-driving meal (which would be before or after your training in most cases)

  2. you certainly do 'respond' to creatine. it is a fundamental component of your cellular energy providing system, you have quite a large amount in you even you never supplemented with it.

  3. the response to creatine supplementation is dependent on the the amount of creatine which you already have in your diet. if the food you consume on a regular basis already contains high amounts of creatine (animal products), your body might be already closer to creatine saturation so additional creatine (supplement) might have little effect

  4. that could very well be the case


u helped me so much petrichor,
do u think if i will take it before training maybe i will feel it ?

i found this :

Creatine non-response is when muscular loading of creatine is under a certain threshold (10mmol/L) with 'response' to creatine having more muscular creatine loading (20mol/L or more) with a grey area between where some benefits are achieved but less than pure responders. Response appears to be positively related to muscle mass and type II muscle fibers

so maybe i just ***** up ?


I had nothing from creatine when I took it in cold beverages. It simply ended up in the toilets.

I read an article on T Nation, started to take it with a tea in the morning, saw changes : more water in muscles, more recuperation, definite weight gain (4 / 5 Lbs in a month) and no more digestive issues.


ty guys, can u take a look at what i linked and tell me your opinion about ?


well the study which you quoted from was getting its data from a sample pool of 8 persons, which is really too small to draw any meaningful conclusion

what is clear though is that there seems to be differences in responsiveness to creatine between individuals, a greater response seems to be correlated with overall muscle mass, higher Type II fiber percentage and younger age

so you might very well be a 'non-responder', but keep in mind that

1) the primary variable for the effect of creatine supplementation is muscle creatine content. in those with less creatine in their muscles (basically those with a diet low in creatine), creatine supplementation has the greatest effect

2) 'non-respsonder' is a scientific term invented for the people for which the supplementation showed the lower effect in the study when compared to the 'responders', NOT meaning that there is no effect at all

so even if you are technically a 'non-responder', you almost certainly will benefit from creatine supplementation to a lesser degree, just don't believe the X lbs of weight gain in Y days marketing hype


ye i think u right all the ppl in the internet think that they are getting strangh and weight all becuase the creatine so i thought i should feel the same ,
and how bad is it if i have no muscle fiber 2 ?
i dont really understand the meaning ?


You sound quite inexperienced, if I were you I would stop worrying about supplements and focus on eating plenty protein. Keep taking the creatine, but don't stress about it.

Also, you should be drinking more water if you are taking creatine. This could very well be the reason you're not gaining the water weight that is common.

How much do you weigh now?


If you ever read or thought that creatine should've made you gain weight, you are 100% wrong.

People who take creatine, gain muscles, despite the creatine not BECAUSE of it. You gain muscle/weight from weight-lifting.

Creatine's main function is to convert ADP into ATP, which basically means that it's giving you an extra 'push' while you're performing your weight-lifting.

Take the creatine, stop thinking about it, and if you want to worry about shit then worry about your diet, your routine, your form, your sleeping schedule and your consistency.


61 kg
weight 1.67 cm
i am drinking alot all the day and eating very good about 200 gram of ptorein
ty for help i will stop put my attention on the creatine so much :smiley:


ok ty very much guys u helped me alot


Man, I have yet to have a good experience with creatine. I tried it a few years back when I first started training and had an adverse reaction to it (massive headaches and nausea). I have no patience for bad workouts, so it got scrapped. Fast forward a few years and I decided to give it a go again, seeing as it is one of the most scientifically backed supps.

I was a little smarter this time around and started it on an off day, so as to not interfere with my training. It wasn't 30 minutes or so later that I started feeling unbelievably nauseous...this time ending with me violently puking. I have tried micronized mono and creapure and both sat me down hard. Anybody else experience this? Any suggestions?