No Rest Intervals

I was reading the article on optimized volume training and for a lot of the exercises it says that there should be no rest interval. What exactly does that mean? What then would be the difference 5 sets of 5 reps on the bench press with no rest and 1 set of 25 reps?

What’s the link to the article?

Rest interval betwenn EXERCISES ! Not SETS . Read carefully

OOH. thanks. Which brings this question. How much rest between sets? :slight_smile:

[quote]yogurt07 wrote:
OOH. thanks. Which brings this question. How much rest between sets? :)[/quote]

This completely depends on you and the program. Some people recover more quickly than others and can go with shorter breaks. Your rest time is tied to the intensity of the exercise. If you’re just cranking a few quick sets of situps, maybe you need 30 seconds in between. If you’re maxing or doing very high rep sets, you can wait anywhere from 2-5 minutes or more.

I believe 3-5 minutes minimum is the time it takes for the nervous system to recover after a very heavy set.

To give you something that actually works… just pick a number and see how you feel and adjust accordingly. Start with 60 seconds. Shorten if you feel ready, take a little longer if you aren’t. Try not to go much over 90 seconds unless you’re maxing or doing long sets/supersets.

You can use the rest between sets to increase/decrease difficulty.

Tho shorter the rest is the harder the next set will be.

I usally rest for 2 minutes.