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No Rest Days


I've been dieting down the last 2 months to get into summer (abz) condition. I'm always on the boat or at the beach in the summer and also going to Jamaica Saturday morning for a week. My diet hasn't been crazy - 11 lbs in 8 weeks with 5 more days to go. I basically eat 100% clean Mon-Fri with carbs only from veggies and on the weekends eat what I like within reason. Anyway, I've either run (mostly sprints but a couple of 3 mile runs) or lifted every day for the past 28 days and will be at 32 straight by the time I leave for Jamaica. I'm lifting 5 days a week and running Saturday and Monday mornings. I'll be taking a full 7 days off not counting volleyball, waterskiing, casual swimming, etc. as working out.

My question is does anyone exercise every single day? I'm starting to think I might just keep doing this when I get back from vacation. Thoughts pro or con?


I think if you mix up the volume, intensity and what you’re doing(same shit all the time, fuck that) then you should be able to workout every day no problem.
Like for me, I have my weights/strength day, then conditioning(complexes, cooper test), then a sled drag day, a ruck day. I don’t do all of these at a 1:1:1:1 ratio or anything, but usually at least once a week unless something keeps getting in the way.

If things go perfect its hard day, easy day, hard day, easy day…

As long as you don’t lose interest, stop progressing, or get injured then go for it. If you feel that something is getting fucked up, then reevaluate things. Like right now for me, I’ve neglected some shoulder mobility work, and the other day dips, which last time I did them, like 4 days before this time, they didn’t hurt at all, but the other day something just felt wrong, and lo and behold, my sleeper stretch was utter shit. So now I’m going to do that in place of the pressing for the time being. Keep things dynamic and keep adapting.

Sorry for the longish rant.


For the past year, I’ve lifted anywhere from 1-2x a day w/o skipping days (though this is only if you count cardio and rope/heavy bag work as an exercise session lol)…

I am currently lifting 6 days a week and doin’ cardio on the Sabbath (cut out the rope/heavy bag shit for now)… no complaints here and I see no reason why someone couldn’t work out multiple times a day, for whatever period of time he or she wished to, as long as recovery was adequate…

My theory that you should be doing the most that you can handle… physically, mentally, whatever…


Probably like anything else in life some can do and other cant. Some will get injured and get breakdown of the joints and other will not.

Wilba we going to have a season? Who do you think the Giants will pick up in FA?


Well today was squat day and # 29 in a row. I was dreading it too which isn’t uncommon for a 5:30am squat session but a little more dread than usual today. I managed to get through it though with a decent performance. The only real issue I’m having is a nagging glute pull from one of my sprint sessions a few weeks ago and low energy. I’m sure the dieting is contributing to that. Back/bi tomorrow will be another soul crusher in the morning but no way am I breaking the streak before I leave. I’m hoping to rattle off another 30 in a row when I get back.

Hell yes we’re having a season. I think they’ll work it out in the next 2 weeks. Too much money on the table to screw this up. Giants need to resign Bradshaw and Boss and find some vetran depth at LB and on the O-Line. Hell no they aren’t looking at Plax or Tiki. What’s going on in big D? I know Dez doesn’t want to lose any game checks!!


did you see the article from the main page today? Kinda related to your situation


[quote]gregron wrote:
did you see the article from the main page today? Kinda related to your situation[/quote]

Yes, I saw that article. Hard to imagine squatting every day but I loved the overall theme of working through the pain and making your body adapt. I’ve learned to not grind out extra reps when form is failing - learned the hard way - and I think that has had more to do with me perceiving a need to rest in the past. I’ve been smart about what I’ve done this spring. I only had 2 rest days in April and now none in June. Had to travel for work in May. The extra days have really helped shed the fat and keep the muscle while dieting this year.

Great progress BTW in your before and after pics. Really impressive.


All is quite in big D of course, JJ hasnt started with the check book until we get the CBA done. I have a feeling that they will be going strict Defense in FA, CB and DL. I am excited about having Rob Ryan, I want a dominate Defense again. Dez is the other reason we need the CBA done, to bring that knuckle head into the fold. I will say I have yet to see anything else about him since the whole jewelry thing.

A bunch of us were talking about the article in the over 35 section. I have been doing a lot more circuit and cardio since March of this year. Went from 4 days of PL 5/3/1 and now 5 days a week with more everything. I had to drop down on the weight though just cant seem to do everything at one time.


I forgot about that hire. I think that will turn out well for the boys.

I haven’t been in the O35 in some time, need to start frequenting more often. It’s taken me some time and injuries to realize that more weight on the bar and scale are not necessarily the best thing for me. I feel better and I’m way more mobile/athletic but smaller. I’m still a work in progress. Maybe this year I won’t beef up October-March - maybe. Glad to hear your training is going well. You can always cycle in some strength periods if you feel the want or need to.