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No Response To Spike??

Am I the only non-responder out there?

I’ve tried it a couple times and I didn’t notice or feel any different either.


It took a little while for Spike to work for me. Or I should say, it took me a little while to find the best situations for noticing the powerful effects of Spike.

I remember feeling practically nothing the first couple times I tried it. And then I happened to take one the morning after getting only about 4 hrs of sleep. Usually, my whole next day is “off” when that happens, but I remember feeling normal for most of the day, pretty much feeling like I had actually gotten 7 hrs of sleep the night before.

I’ve also found myself able to squeeze out a few more reps and sets when I’ve taken it prior to workouts. This effect was also noticeable.

Basically, I’ve had success using it in very specific situations, whereas I really didn’t notice much when I sat back and waited to see what happened when “it” kicked in.

how are you taking it and how much?
I have found that if I eat about an hour and 15 minutes before I get to the gym and take two regular Spike about 20 to 30 minutes after I eat the Spike will start to hit me right as I’m warming up.

If I only take one I don’t get much results. I also don’t consume any cafinated drinks so that may make a difference (I haven’t developed a tolerance to caffeen)

I was a non responder to the original pill (The nano dispersed pill) but am a good responder to the new hard pill. The drink also does it for me pretty good.

Are you using the new hard pill, or the gel filled pill of olden days?

One Spike tablet rocks me pretty good. I can’t image taking two at the same time.

I have tried the pills and the shooters.

I don’t respond to the shooter, but I have never tried the pill. I drink a pot of strong coffee a day, and have since I was 12. So, my guess is that my adrenal glands don’t function well enough for spile to work. You may be the same way.

I think Biotest has a money back guarentee if this is the first time you have purchased Spike, but I am not positive.

I get really tired from the shooter. I used to get a no response from one pill, two pills would make me get cold and start to shiver.

I drink approx. 2 liters of Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew daily and have for years, so I am probably just fried from that. Plus I used ephedra for 5 or 6 years straight in the 90’s.

[quote]Jason B wrote:
Am I the only non-responder out there? [/quote]

At first I didn’t notice anything either. But just one day it really kicked it, it made me feel amazing and it felt as everyone was slowed down just a bit. That only happened once though, I could never repeat those effects.

Now I just take in the morning when I feel tired and have to go to class and learn. IT definitly helps me stay alert but not to the effect I had before.

Try taking it in the morning when you are tired to notice the effects.

If i take less then two, I don’t notice much. I get a shaker voice, but thats about it. Take one, nothing. But two, wow oh wow. I get really jittery, feels like I’m going to hurl if I keep sitting down, Increased heart rate, and nothing tires me out. I liked that part, but the other parts weren’t that great.

You are not thinking happy thoughts dude.

Some people just don’t get the desired effects. I have tried modafinil, for example, and experienced none of the positive effects that others have reported. Didn’t even make me feel alert or awake when running low on sleep. In fact, the only thing it DID do for me is give me tarry, smelly, horrible craps.

I’ve noticed very subtle differences when on Spike, but nothing tremendous. Enough that I’m willing to buy enough to use occasionally.